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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Posted in error - J

Ignore the J post - just pretend you didn't see it
Act surprised when it comes up again later in the month lol


  1. I saw that J post (it's gone now though), and thought that I must be losing it, as I was sure you weren't up to J yet.

  2. I have most of mine already sorted out except for a few obscure letters, writing poetry is a thing one can do in advance, but was surprised to see your previous "J" come up.
    LoOk forward to your next as always.

  3. Too funny!
    I am such a gabby person I write everyday or just about anyway! This challenge helps me away from all the med talk which as you know I am so sick of!
    Beautiful morning here in Maine, more like May than April and lots of spring bird song.
    Take care,

  4. Didn't see it so I don't have to pretend......:-) Hugs

  5. J post what J post.
    Darn I missed it.
    As for the footy, Well it was a good game. I am kinda glad it wasnt on the telly, I would of needed some bex and a good lie down.
    I do feel sorry for melb, collingwood normally are the ones that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  6. Haha I did that with my 'C' post. Slipped with the mouse-click. Its goes up on everyone's sidebar which is embarrassing :o)

  7. Pre-dating posts, isn't that a great thing to do? Except when things like this happen of course ;) I had a couple of glitches when blogger wouldn't let me pre-date and posted them immediately. Had to do a quick 'take back' when I checked. Happy Easter Cathy :)

  8. Hi Cathy, how you doin'? Posted in error? You in bikini at Bondi beach?
    Okay, will pretend did not see it. When it appears I'll say, "Holy Smoke! Is that you"? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Cathy, stay young, Lee.


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