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Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8 - G

Letter G of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

known as Wellington Boots in other parts of the world

I found this wonderful display in Eastland
one of our large shopping centres
here in the east of Melbourne

The Grandaughter who was with me
wanted you to see them
so a photo session was in order

Only drawback was the shop assistant would only let me take one
but aren't they delicious
Good job my green utility ones at home are still fine and useable
or a pair of these could of got to go home with me
I know - not good English lol 

Anyway I'm hoping we get lots and lots of rain this winter
so I can use my nice green wellie boots
that are in the cupboard waiting for that day
We certainly need it
after about 15 years of drought like conditions  
we deserve it


  1. LOL I love a good gum boot. Reminds me of the Paddinton Bear I had as a child :)

  2. We call them galoshes here in sunny california. Don't think we ever have need for them though.

  3. Goodness what an arraay of ggum boots. loved the blog I keep forgetting it's tomorrow over where you are and I thought I missed my "G" blog...lol
    Take care.

  4. It would be hard to pick which pair you would buy :0)
    I have seen some wonderful wellies and some are just so pretty and so pricey...lol
    Hope you get to wear yours this winter Cathy

  5. My boots are pink with pretty cupcakes all over them! My daughter and I would have a field day checking out all the boots.

  6. Love the wellies, so beautiful, they really know hot to glam a rubber boot!

  7. We always called them gum rubber boots....and now they make so many pretty designs, I really like them although I didn't as a kid...Hugs

  8. I never knew gum boots came in such pretty designs. I only knew black ones :-(

  9. Love those gummys. I have a purple pair myself and everyone who sees them on me has a giggle.
    I look very stylish!
    Purple is my very fav colour.

  10. Knee high, green rubber boots. That's all I knew......until today. Wow, thanks for the education Cathy. I'm going to start looking for some colorful, artsy gum boots to wow our rural community! I will be the talk of the neighborhood.

  11. What a great photo of the boots! I've heard of wellies, but never that they were called gum boots. Thanks for the post. You're going to finish the alphabet before I do. We're only cooking the alphabet once a week . . . Have a great day! Luved the boot photo!!!!


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