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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30 - Z

Letter Z of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
the rest of the posts in this challenge

For this very last post in the A-Z April Challenge
I am going to repost one of my previous Todays Flowers entries

I'm all thought out and can come up with Zero original ideas for today
and the name of this flower
really does begin with the letter of the day

aka Schlumbergera
Christmas Cactus

These hardy pot plants seem to grow wherever you want them to
Break a piece off - pot it up in some dirt
and very soon you'll have a new plant

My plants shown here were all started as cuttings
taken from friends or neighbours plants

They are growing in containers that hang over the railing of the deck
and are happy there most of the year
but I do put them in the shade
if the sun gets too hot

There are several plants in each of these long boxes
and if the timing is right and they all bloom together
it looks like a ribbon of pink all the way along

Up in the Northern Hemisphere they are often called Christmas Cactus
'cose thats about the time when they seem to flower

Not so down here in Melbourne 
these photos were taken in October
right at the end of our Winter - beginning of Spring

At first the plants seem to be a jumble of gnarly stems with a flower at the end
but if you really look

you will see they have the most delicate of blooms growing there

beautiful flowers that look lovely when in a massed display

These are some websites I found with information on Zygocactus 


  1. These photo's are fantastic, I thought so first time around and my opinion hasn't changed.

    Take care.

  2. You made it to Z! What are you going to do for an encore? :)

    Beautiful flower.

  3. Hi, Cathy,
    How wonderful to find another plant/flower lover. I will be back when I can. I have done the A to Z challenge as well. I am trying to visit all the challengers this weekend. Hope I make it.
    Regards to you,

  4. Love your Christmas Cactus!! Mine all died when we moved here. I suppose I should get some more. I have been unable to comment lately. I had a really witty one for you yesterday and my computer went bonkers on me.

  5. You made it! Congratulations. Now I hope you'll post your reflections for May 3rd. The Linky tool will be open May 2nd California time so as to accomodate those of you who live in our future. Hope to read your contribution to the Mega Post. It's been a pleasure to have had you blogging from A to Z with the rest of us.

    May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

  6. Beautiful photos of your zygocactus, one of my favourite plants and as you say so easy to grow. Now you need to go and stack some Z's after all your alphabetical endeavours.

  7. I love your photos, I always buy this and give as gifts at Christmas time. I haven never had one; this year I am getting me one! You really have a green thumb!
    Congrats on finishing~

  8. What a lovely flower.

    Be careful of the use of the words "pot plants" here in North American this refers to marijuana.
    We would use "potted plants" for what you intended. . .I think!

    Having grown a little "pot plants" it is a lovely bushy green herb that would add a little something to anyone's garden.


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