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Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 - V

Letter V of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
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Have you heard of Vinnies
It stands for anything to do with the St. Vincent De Paul's Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society's 40,000 members and volunteers work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. Internationally, the Society operates in 130 countries and has over 950,000 members.

For most members of the public Vinnies is where you go to look for bargains
They run fabulous op-shops rather poshly called Vinnies Centres

You'll often find me at Vinnies - either donating or looking or even rummaging at times
and what I like about Vinnies unlike some of the other national charity shops
is that any money raised/profit at a local branch stays in that area
It doesn't go into a national pot

Vinnies and other Opportunity shops or Op shops as we tend to call them 
- known in other countries as Thrift shops/ Charity shops even second hand shops -
have come into their own over the past few years
Its become trendy to dress from clothes bought here (think Vintage)
but I got to know them back in the 60s/70s
when as I've explained before we were a bit short of cash

They were and still are fabulous places to get a bargain 
For us it was mostly in the clothing line with books and sometimes toys
Even as close as a couple of years ago I picked up 4 almost new tennis raquets
for the grandkids to use here in the backgarden

There are lots of reasons people shop at Vinnies
It encourages recycling, others can use what you no longer need
Being frugal and thrifty by buying second hand things with lots of life still left in them
Theres also the chance you could find something that is collectable
If you can find sheets and linens and crockery they are usually a good buy

I'm a keen op shopper
I'm also frugal, never pay full price if I can help it
and one who tries to make my goods last as long as I can

I've been good at clearing out cupboards recently and the car is chockers with stuff to donate to our local Vinnies - might have a look round the store while I'm there 'cose you just never know what you'll find lol


  1. We have Goodwill Shops and Salvation Army Stores and they sell everything from knick-knacks and purses to clothing and furniture,etc. The Salvation Army is the best place in the USA to make your donations and know that most of it goes to the needy and not to pay high salaries for their staffers.

  2. Most lovely to read I had not heard of Vinnies before. so that's something else I've learnt today.

    Take care.

  3. I have been blessed to shop "Vinnies" a few times but never knew it was called that. I always refered to them as St Vincent's. Nice to have a nickname that identifies it so well.


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