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Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24 - U

Letter U of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

Ups and downs in life
'Alternating periods of good and bad'
I can relate to this in many ways
It seems to me that for every Up side I have
theres always a Down side

I love to travel
and living in Australia the easiest way
for us to get to any other country is to fly
There is just one thing - I don't like flying
So the less of the ups and downs
(taking off and landing - stops for refueling etc)
I have when traveling the better
When we arrange our itineries we have to choose routes 
that have as many direct flights as we can get
I have to get there as quickly as I can
consequently it often means I pay a bit more

For example I could get a much cheaper ticket to Heathrow
flying with a lesser known airline that stops several times on the way
rather than the several 'better' airlines
that fly via Singapore and then on to Heathrow

Weight loss for me has caused many ups and downs
First of all, having the GP mention a figure to aim for
sent me spiralling down
Even tho' I was healthy and fit
it  didn't mean thing as far as he was concerned
So down it had to come

I'm sure that figure used to masquerade as a yo yo
I couldn't count the times it went down
and then the times it went back up
Like travelling I prefer to look at the whole figure and not little bits of it
So when I didn't get there quickly enough
I was down again
(mentally that is)

So I had to pick myself up and work at it again
My exercise routine and the better healthy lifestyle is working now
theres not been so many emotional downs recently
many many more ups

Just the way I am - I'm not bemoaning the fact I don't like something
just trying to do it the way I enjoy doing it
If I let too many things upset my way of life I'd sort of be out of kilter
This way theres not too much up and not too much down.

Theres just one UP thing I would like to happen
I've already had the down that is associated with it lol

Each time we visit family in Nova Scotia
we take a little drive up the road to Halls Harbour
Its a little fishing village in the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy has these incredible low and high tides
And one of these days - Just one of these days -
and if it happens I 'll be on real UP - as high as I can go
I would like to see the fishing boats like this
up near the top of the jetty at high tide

click to enlarge
photo from here

Every single time we have been there
the fishing boats have been right down
and I mean right down
on the floor of the harbour:((

With luck and maybe some forward planning
we will get to see them the way I really would like to
floating UP on the surface at high tide
and not down here lol

click these photos for a clearer view

Now heres something really interesting
There is a webcam on the harbourside
where you can see the state of the tide - realtime
day and night
click on this link for a view

You'll be able to see for yourself
the ups and downs of the fishing fleet
at Halls Harbour lol


  1. Wonderful blog, and the photo's are awesome. I don't mind flying except if there is thunder and lighteneing about.

    Have a great week-end

  2. I popped over to the webcam and, yes, the tide was out!

    Have a lovely time in SA this weekend.

  3. Well said and great pics! Life really is a rollercoaster~

  4. Hi Cathy, I enjoyed reading, going thru your pics here. Very nice.
    You have a nice day, keep well, Lee.


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