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Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15 - M

Letter M of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

Half way through the challenge
how are you all doing?

Letter number 13 is M 
Bet you don't know the one cartoon I love most of all
of course you do lol
Its Maxine

Where did Maxine come from?
I discovered recently she was 'designed'
by a man by the name of John Wagner,
who has worked for Hallmark since 1970
He is reputed to have said,
Maxine was inspired by his mother, his maiden aunts and his grandmother,

'Cartoonists are sensitive to the insanities of the world; we just try to humanize them,' 
'If Maxine can get a laugh out of someone who feels lonely or someone
who is getting older and hates the thought of another birthday,
or if she can make someone chuckle about stressful interpersonal relationships, then I'm happy.
Putting a smile on someone's face is what it's all about.'  John Wagner

Heres todays offering of Maxine
Hoping to put smile on your face

Maxines Month
Maxine and the Internet

Maxine and philiosphy
Maxine and her figure
Maxine and men

Maxine and marriage

Maxine and family
Maxine and teens

Maxine on a cruise

Now tell me you don't love her lol


  1. Excellent post and I do so love the cartoons. Made my day.


  2. Another fun post Cathy!! I'm here at work, and myself and one of the girls I work with are huge Maxine fans, and you have given us a much needed chuckle during our lunch!! THANKS!! It'll help us get through the rest of the day!!

  3. Oh I do! I ADORE Maxine! :)

  4. Hi Cathy, I'm visiting from the "alphabet" challenge. Yes I do love Maxine. The only thing though I think I may end up being just like her in 20 years. LOL Enjoyed your blog and post. I'll be back.

  5. Love the cartoons! And thank you for your comment about the Bride's Sachet which I made. I thought good ol' crochet cotton was a better choice than yarn, too, and I'm so glad to hear someone agrees with me!


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