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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14 - L

Letter L of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
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Lifelong Friends

You know how you meet someone and click
Both of you are comfortable with each other
Pick up on things straight away each time you meet
no matter how long apart you've been

I'll tell you about two such people I know who were like this
In other posts previously I've talked a lot about my Aunty Pam
who has Dementia and is now in a nursing home

She was married to my Mum's brother
She was raised in India and thats where she met Uncle John
He was serving there as an officer in one of the Gurkha Regiments
So due to lifes circumstances there was a slight difference in
what would have in those days been called 'class'
She and Mum got on like a house on fire
from the moment they met
which would have been in the late 1940s when troops and families
returned to England after war ended and Independence in India

A Pam had lived a sheltered life
from a respected family in Bombay she had wanted for nothing
and Mum - well Mum knew about the world
and how to raise a family on almost nothing
so Mum taught A Pam an awful lot about running a home
and A Pam taught Mum
Well I don't know what - 'cept how to be a lady I suppose lol

Here they are together
Mum on the left - A Pam on the right
along with my Dad and my Grandad
(Mum and Uncle John's father)
in front of our little house
shortly before they left England in 1953
to settle here in Australia

Here they are again in 1997 when A Pam was visiting England
They had only seen each other a few times in all those years
but it seems from what I've heard
they laughed and giggled like couple of schoolgirls all that afternoon

Mum is no longer with us but each time I visit A Pam in the nursing home
she often calls me Alice and asks if I'd like a glass of wine.
Always the hostess - sadly not for her lifetime friend


  1. I too have friends that go back many years. It's good to feel comfortable in someone's company.
    When my husband was alive we used to go out quite often and had lots of fun, after his death they were there for me......and still are.

    I enjoyed your post as usual, very interesting reading.


  2. What a lovely post. And I love the deep Indian connection your family has.
    Would your Aunt Pam have been what was called "Anglo Indian" in those days, or was she English but born and raised in India?

    Just curious.

    ~ Rayna

  3. The pictures are priceless.
    And recording your memories will be priceless to others.

  4. Love the line that they got on like a house on fire. Great pictures and sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a sweet post. Your Mom and Aunt sound wonderful!

  6. I'm blessed to have a lifelong friend as well. :) I enjoyed reading about your mom and her friend!

  7. What a nice story. It's a great that they had such a lovely relationship.

  8. I have friends that I won't see for years and then when we do get together it just like we're picking up where we left off. Those are good kinds of friendships to have.
    It's great when friends are there when they are needed most.

  9. What a beautiful yet sad story. I have great friend, who I hardly see, but always slip back into right where we left off, just like your Mum and A Pam, in Australia. She has a granny in a nursing home with Dementia too. Such a sad sickness. She aways thinks her granddaughter is her daughter, and always asks how she's going at school.

  10. Lovely double cherry blossoms on that tree in TODAYS FLOWERS. (I started with "L" for today's cute alphabet post.)


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