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Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10 - I

Letter I of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

Ironing and me don't go together
I don't like Ironing at all - not one little bit
I hang clothes on the line in a very precise way
so that when they are dry all I have to do is
either fold them neatly to go in a drawer
or hang them up in the wardrobe

My Dh has always done his own 'work shirts'
For most of his working life he wore business shirts
and they had to be done just so
so the best person to do them was him lol
He was in the forces when we met and was used to Ironing his shirts
So when we got married and I jokingly said
I didn't do cooked breakfasts or iron shirts
he wasn't upset in any way
about the shirts that is lol

Its confession time now
a bit like the time I told you about the snow
and a bit like the time I told you about locking the door

I used to take in Ironing
not something you readily admitted to in those days lol

with so many in the work force
working very long hours these days
and not enough time for chores to be done
these services are in demand now

When the children were small we needed extra cash
and I needed to be at home with them
so I did what I had to
even if it was something I didn't particularly like

After a while I quite enjoyed doing it
There was a sense of satisfaction seeing all the garments
folded neatly in baskets waiting to be picked up.
Didn't do it while the children were running around
'Safety and sticky fingers'
Usually in the evenings watching tv

I gave it up when they got older and we had more cash
It was hard enough then keeping up with ours
let alone take more in

As I say these days the iron only comes out if necessary
not as a matter of course
modern materials and apliances do make life a lot easier
there are steamers and oo lala irons with bells and whistles attched
that would enable you to breeze through the job
but I'll be the first to admit
I don't like Ironing - not one little bit lol

What about you??


  1. I can't stand ironing either. And I do exactly the same thing when I hang clothes on the line. I even take it a step further by purposely not buying clothes made from easily creased material! HA!

  2. Ironing is a job I enjoy. I haven't done much lately but doing up DH shirts gives me pleasure. We are all different.
    Take care.

  3. I am a mystic. I have forseen my death- it has something to do with laundry!!!

    Am waiting for my kids to grow up, so I don't have to deal with those itsey bitsey pieces of clothing any more.

  4. This made me smile beacuse I hated ironing so much my late husband took a photograph of me doing it on one occasion I decided to get the iron out of the cupboard.

    Have a good week=end.

  5. Hate ironing !! So much so, I don't iron ANYTHING.

  6. Why iron when you've got a dryer! Just toss the clothes in for a few minutes and voila! the wrinkles are out. For the most part anyway. I know that's so lazy, but that's how I do it. :)

  7. I love it! (The post, not ironing!). I don't like to iron either. I avoid clothes that may need to be ironed, use the dryer to get out wrinkles as much as necessary, and make my husband iron his own shirts (he usually chooses not to either). I'm not completely sure that my 4 year old knows what an ironing board is. :) That being said... you are right that there is some sense of satisfaction in seeing a stack of newly ironed clothes. I just haven't convinced myself it is worth the hassle of ironing them yet! :)

  8. Excellent I post! And nope ... no ironing here either! Except for my son's Karate Gi before a big test and those are a bugger bear to iron! But I love the boy and mama does what she has to ... doesn't she? :)

  9. I'm not a fan, either, I like the way certain things look, but never was very good at it! My Mom ironed my daughter's clothes, she said, the key is the clothing being damp/cool.

  10. I too loathe ironing. After washing them I hang my work tops very carefully on their coat hangers to dry. The ironing board sits at the back of the wardrobe and needs dusting when it does get pulled out, lol.

  11. Hi Cathy!! To start, THANKS for your good wishes for our dog Hamlet!! Second, because of the crazy week I've not been able to do as many blog visits as I have wanted too, so I've just spent my quiet moment catching up on yours. What GREAT posts you have this week!! They are fun and clever and I could comment on each of them--But I'll spare you my rambling thoughts and just say that I don't like ironing either--For me, I find it works good to put things in the dryer for a few minutes! Your posts have really given me a lift this evening--THANKS for that!!

  12. Cathy, I saw your comment on Yvonne's Poetry blog and you are a great addition to the A to Z challenge because I was looking for all kinds of blogs. It looks like you're writing!

    If it were up to me, none of my clothes would be ironed. My wife is an ironing fanatic though.

    Glad you've been keeping up with the challenge!
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge


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