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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Window Shopping time

Or at least thats what I call this time of the year
Twice a year most shires and councils
 have what we call 'Hard Rubbish Collections'

Its a service for ratepayers whereby you can leave all those enormous 'things'
broken or otherwise
that you want to get rid of
that you are too lazy or too cheap to take to the tip
out at the front of your house and a big truck comes along
and  does the deed for you
For Free

Thats it in theory
In practice its slightly different
As I said I call it Window Shopping
Looking for bargains from the windows of your car
You get to see inside of others' homes for free
from the stuff they leave outside lol

Its when that old saying
'One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure'
comes into play
and the Hunters and Gatherers come out

Little cars and big utes will suddenly stop and drivers pick through the piles

Most of the 'white goods' have gone
Last week there were dryers and washing machines
bikes as well as various other metal odds and ends
along this road
and just about every other one locally
Scrap metal trucks cruise up and down at all hours of the day
doing their own window shopping

So judging from my nosiness while out walking
(yes, I've had a little squizzy at a few piles here and there)
I think the sales of TVs,and computor equipment
Furniture, beds, garden furniture and just about anything else 
must have skyrocketed 

I did notice that once upon a time you could pick up a bargain
from the road side - not this year
so much of what I've seen is in terrible condition
wrecked - or just junk
You wonder how they could have some of the stuff
 in their garages, never mind their homes
Must be a sign of the times


  1. Cathy, you probably came along AFTER all the good junk was taken LOL

  2. This is an interesting post to read. I used to live in a very large apartment complex and one could go 'window shopping' at the end of every month because of people moving in and out. Most people moving out had things they didn't want to take with them! I admit I had gotten a few very nice things this way.

  3. I'm always suprised at what people have thrown out and even more shocked when people will take it home with them! This happened when we moved a couple of years ago--Things that I really thought would find a "new home" were left and things that I didn't think were worth "saving" were picked up--Go figure!!!
    Hope your week is going wel1!! THANKS so much for taking time to stop by my blog and leaving your thoughts, it's always good to hear from you! :-)

  4. Happy Window shopping.Never thought of it like that!:o)

  5. Cathy, I think this is a great idea. Now we use to have a similar system here but town council stopped it a few years ago. It is a shame really as there are many things that people could use.
    ........:-) Hugs

  6. We don't have council pickups in our council area. Daryl loves looking in the piles of stuff :0)


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