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Monday, March 29, 2010

Todays Flowers - March 10 - 3

Dahlia 'Moonfire'

We were at a BBQ in Healesville recently
and I saw these Dahlias in the garden
The dark foliage and the yellow coloured blooms made them really stand out 
My friend said they were one of the easiest plants to grow
she had in the garden
Never lifts them, just trims them back in autumn
and up they come again
at the beginning of each year (our spring/summer)

Don't they look nice and bright and summery
Made me think about asking her for some pieces lol   

Some of these links are for Australia
some for the Northern Hemisphere


  1. Those are stunning! Now I want some in my gardens......

  2. Hi cathy,
    Lovely dahlias ! They grow well here but have to be lifted in Autumn or they won't survive
    Didn't know you also have B & Q !

  3. Oh how very beautiful they are. What a cheerful plant to have in one's garden.

  4. I love those flowers! You take such good pictures. That is sure two beautiful cats on your desk. I know they are a handfull. I love dogs, but I'm really a cat person. Have a great day!

  5. How pretty these are. My father used to have a splendid show of dahlias every year but he used to dig up the tubers in the winter - too much fuss for me, I'm afraid. Lucky you to be able to leave them in the ground all year round.

  6. we have to lift dahlia's each Fall, as it's much too cold in Canada to leave them in the ground.

    Gill in Canada

  7. These are so pretty, and my dad always said they were easy to grow as well.......:-) Hugs

  8. Have not seen those dahlias before they are so pretty. I have the an old dahlia in my garden that looks like it has been there for years and all you do is cut them off and they flower again each summer

  9. They are pretty, definitely get some tubers, something like that deserves a place in your garden.

  10. I really like Dahlia Moonfire. A few year's back I had one in a pot, and I lost it to frost. It was my fault, I didn't put it against the shelter of a wall. x

  11. Agree, to much to lift them in the fall. When I was a kid our neighbor grew some that towered over a 6' hedge!

  12. Wow! Now that's the kind of flowers I need!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. I grew to love Dahlia's when we lived in Alaska! I find there is something so perfect about how they bloom that doesn't make them look real! I've not tried to grown them in Virginia--Thanks for giving me the idea of another flower!

  14. Hi Cathy, they're beautiful! You're a good photographer, Cathy

    We are just into Spring now, won't see any till around late April.
    In fact have forgotten the colour of grass with our long Canadian Winters.
    The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.

    You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  15. I would definitely ask for a cutting next time you're over there Cathy. Lovely shares, thank you and have a great week.

  16. I love the combination of colors, so pretty!

  17. I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful! Great photoing! keep on posting.

  18. I love the dahlias! Thanks for sharing them. It caught my eye - you said that summer is over. I had to remember I'm ot in the same hemisphere you are. We're just going into spring. Soon I'll have my flowers coming up.


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