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Friday, March 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Theres something about watching dark clouds gather
on one side of the house

Taken 2 days ago from my back deck

click to enlarge

Then looking at the fair blue
 - not quite so cloudy - 
 blue sky on the other

Taken about the same time
from my front door

For more Skywatch photos


  1. Beautiful skies. Unpredictable color we see everyday.

  2. Wonderful series of skywatch photos! Have a great weekend!

  3. G'day Cathy, nice photos. Yes, clouds have interesting images, and using our imagination, we can 'see' some real interesting, funny shapes.
    I guess you now having Summer or ending of Summer.

    If my 45 year old Geography is still valid, ha ha, I believe you are wayyyyyy down in Australia, at the bottom, Melbourne location, right?

    Holy Smoke! And I am at the top on Lake Ontario, Toronto.
    But I guess you Australians and Canadians have somethings in common, we have the same Queen, ha ha.

    Right now we are coming into Spring. It has been a very mild Winter, and very rarely did the temp dip below -20'c.
    But our Canadian Winters sure can tickle the bones with its frigid -25'c or even -30'c.
    We did have lots of ice and snow for awhile though.
    Anyway, what I call 'miniskirt' weather is just around the corner.

    You have a nice day Cathy, keep well. And thank you for your kind, warm comments at my Billibong, ha ha. Lee.

  4. I LOVE looking at the sky - any time of day or night, any condition. I can understand why someone someone started this series.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Cathy, thank so much for vising and leaving a comment. You are welcome any time.

    There's something about clouds, isn' there? I rather like them, myself. I love to see them racing across the sky on a windy day such as today. It almost seems as if they're having races...

    Take care.


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