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Monday, March 29, 2010

Seasons come and Seasons Go

Well, it would seem Summer is over - the long hot days have moved on.

The last major cricket games in the Southern Hemisphere are happening in New Zealand


And now:-

The AFL (Aussie Rules) season has begun proper - Round 1 games are over and done with

And a special team lost :((


Heres the fixture list for Round 2 along with some other bits and pieces of interest

Lets hope they can get it together and please us all this season lol


  1. This brings to mind watching my Dad play cricket back in the day, oh so long ago when I was between seven and 12. We're waiting for our weather to warm up now, it's cold and rainy out there today. Our lovely burst of spring disappeared after a few days. Now we're looking forward to seeing it back.

  2. Haven't seen a Cricket match in ages.but here we are the beginning of spring snd baseball is in full swing the plants are emerging from their little pots..trees are blooming and soon I will whining about the heat, lol...


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