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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready steady go

Well I'm off this morning to sort things out with my cousin who is a travel agent. 
We've set the dates and know basically
where we are going and when we'll be doing it.

Middle of August we are flying from here to Vancouver
and doing an Alaskan cruise again

Yes, a cruise is sort of like a bus tour on water
The scenery is fantastic - being waited on hand and foot is fantastic
the bonus is theres no having to have your bags at the door for 6am. 

We travel independently not with a group
so can do our own thing
and as we really enjoyed the last one and may not pass this way again
we decided to go back and enjoy the sights once more

Then its on cross country to Halifax to have 4 weeks in the Annappolis Valley 
Dh has an aunt and seven cousins there
and as its been 4 years since we've seen them
there'll be lots of catching up to do

Two of those weeks will be for the trip to Newfoundland with friends who live close by to them

We are going to break our flight back to Vancouver
by calling in to Calgary to see some other old friends for a few days
Hope to get back up to Banff and Lake Loiuse while we are there
The husband and Dh were in the airforce together
and even tho we saw them last time we were over
there will still be lots remembering going on lol  

Finally its back home to Melbourne at the beginning of October 
ready to enjoy the rest of Spring 


  1. Cathy, what a great trip you have planned. You will be very close to where I live (2 hours north of Calgary) and my husband is buried in Annapolis Valley in NS. My home province is NB and I plan on moving home in 2 years. I love the Maritimes and its people. The scenic view to Alaska is breathtaking and of course Jasper and Banff is beautiful. Your trip sounds amazing. I hope you enjoy every second of it.....How long will you be travelling?....Hugs

  2. You've got a wonderful trip planned. We've done the cruise to Alaska, have traveled out to BC and Alberta several times, and of course love the PEI, NS, Newfoundland provinces. You'll have a wonderful time, for sure.

  3. It sounds like a great trip... what great fun catching up with relatives and friends

  4. Sounds like you have a fantastic trip all ready planned out. Enjoy every minute of it.

  5. half your luck, do you need anyone to carry your bags. I'd be good at that for you lol.
    Enjoy your trip, have a great time.

  6. Sounds wonderful Cathy. I'm wondering if you need some help to carry your suitcases? lol.

  7. Oh this sounds like a wonderful trip. How very nice that you can travel independently and stop when and wherever you want.

  8. that sounds like a lovely trip and at a great time of the year in Canada.

    Gill in Canada


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