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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My World Tuesday

My husband assures me they are not new
But I don't recall seeing one locally before

Love a clean car?
Love a clean dog?

Kill three birds with one stone
Fillup. wash the car, wash the dog

click photos to enlarge

What happened to stand the dog under the hose at home
It could be lot cheaper than $10 minimum lol

I love these instructions
Shampoo, rinse, condition
Will you have flea rinse with that?
And what about a blow dry??

My world at the BP Service Station Montrose

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  1. I have not seen such places in the USA. It is an appealing idea however. Most people get wetter washing a dog at home than the dog gets. The kennel charges $20 to bathe a dog so why not go for the automated dog bath?

  2. Well, I've seen it all now. Very clever marketing ploy. I wonder how popular it will be.

  3. I have to admit to being a little bit stunned by this--I don't know that I would use it. We don't have anything like this at all here in Virginia! But I bet it won't be long until we do!! Enjoy your Tuesday Cathy!!

  4. Oh my...what's next? A kid wash.

  5. Haven't seen one of those up our way yet! I bet it won't be long though

  6. Oh my. I've never seen anything like this here. My dog gets his bath in our whirlpool tub!

  7. Huh?? I will show this to my man and he will want to install one in the campground! Sometimes I think I am married to Fred Flintstone!

  8. What did I tell you, He is trying to think of a way to install one!!

  9. what will they think of next, really!

  10. Now that's a dog gone good idea. Wish there was one near by for my doggy.


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