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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I feel pretty - what??

Some days I feel pretty good
Some days I don't feel so good
Then there are others when I feel just down right 'orrible

I've been eating right
I've been exercising
(sort of right)
I've been going to bed on time
(apart from recent Olympic stay up late nights)
so why do I feel up and down all the time

Had blood taken the other day
maybe the results will tell a tale
Thyroid gland not working properly is a bugger
Hopefully a little bit more thyroxine will help

Oh for a Magic Mirror like this one

if you want you can click and enlarge it
The picture I mean lol


  1. I would love a few of those mirrors to put all over my house cause there is something wrong with mine cause I don't get a reflection like that...lol.

  2. Hahaha! We ALL feel like this every now and again (or in my case, everyday!) With two very young kids, I hardly get to spend time on 'beautifying' myself anymore. It's a miracle the husband still thinks I'm beautiful (bless him). Having said all that, lemme know where we can getthat mirror and i'll be the first one to order it! Hahaha!
    By the way, hope over to my blog because I have a guest blogger sharing her post. I'm very excited about this!!
    Hope your weekend's been lovely so far XXX

  3. No you dont want a mirror like that! You would go out wearing all sorts of outfits that just wouldnt be right!
    Hope you feel better soon, it might have something to do with the weather, its so up and down we feel like that too.

  4. Hope you feel brighter soon. Unseasonal weather ups and downs don't help. Here Wellintgon is at last getting fine days - now that Autumn has started.

    Sending love and care from me, and contented purrs from Zebby (under his quilt once more)

  5. Oh Cathy - just saw footage of the hail storm in Melbourne. Enough to make anyone feel low, let alone when living with a pesky thyroid. Mickle and my dodgy digestive innards send understanding and extra care to you, and many healing huggles,

    Michelle xxx

  6. I do know what you mean about good days and bad days, coming out of winter I feel overweight and lethargic. Am telling myself come spring I'll feel much better. Maybe the answer is not to have a mirror at all but then I might go out with my skirt tucked into my (large comfy) knickers.

  7. That mirror is extreme but to some degree we all see our younger selves when we look very carefully.

  8. Ah for the want of a mirror like that. Hope your feeling better soon Cathy.


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