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Friday, March 19, 2010

Gardening news - Signs of Autumn - East of Melbourne

A liitle update on the Blood Lillies - Ox Tongue lillies
I showed the other day in a Todays Flowers post

See the new leaves starting to emerge from that sheath like 'thing' near the ground
I think its part of the bulb actually as the stems also come up from there as well
See how rounded they are - they do look like the tip of a tongue lol

Ok, these are some late blooms on a couple of Buddleia

The yellow one is just a baby - in its first year
I found on a market stall when it was just stick like and a bit sickly looking
Its starting to bush out a little bit
so hopefully after its been pruned later this year
it will come back really nice and very bushy 

The 'blue' one (more lilac looking )
grows by the deck and is lovely to sit by when its all in bloom
Butterflies love it
Doesn't grow really tall - maybe 2 metres
but is quite wide with smaller leaves
I know they can be a bit of a weed 
but they certainly earn their keep at my place
'cose they can be chopped down almost to ground level
watered a little bit
and come back just as good as ever
Signs that autumn is here
Berries on a Lilly Pilly
Hopefully lots of Rosellas and Lorikeets will be along soon

Nice new brushes on a Banksia Spinulosa

And the Arum Lilies
some know them as Calla Lilies
or even Death Lilies
are starting to shoot again
They die back in the hot weather
then come back again once the soil seems to cool off


  1. Cathy do you have someone to take care of your garden when you travel. I feel you love your flowers so it must be hard to leave them.......:- Hugs

  2. Cathy, your Ox tongues are ahead of mine, mine dont show any leaves as yet, in fact one has still to start to bloom. (see today's post)Another difference is the stems on yours have a "snakeskin" look about them, mine are plain burgundy colour. Maybe its something to do with the climate ?

  3. The Arums here are later to appear with new growth - more like mid/late winter.

    Oz Cricket lads doing okay - "persued by papparazzi" Michael made a century. Oz 4 for 136 at stumps. I haven't been watching it - most sport is only available here on pay-to-view stations which I just can't afford.

    Happy ongoing knitting of lacy stuff and snake-free gardening,

    Michelle and a soundly yet silently asleep Zebbycat (yes, he is still alive!)

  4. What Interesting and Beautiful pix.THanks for sharing!

  5. Love all the unusual plants ..... wonder if they would grow here?

  6. strange to see you heading into autumn as today's our first day of Spring, however overcast it may be!


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