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Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't bite off more than you can chew

'Don't bite off more than you can chew'

Life at the moment is quite hectic
some days I don't seem to have time to scratch myself
and I'm going to have to take notice of the above little saying

For quite a while now I've been knitting some lacey scarves
to take away with me as gifts for family
Worked in a fine mohair wool they are taking an age to do
Knowing full well how they are going
and the limited time I have to do them in
what else do I agree to do
Knit for a stall - a lot of things for a stall

Chewing! Chewing!

Doing some gardening today with sore arms and thighs today
reminded me about my Body Pump classes -
Going for a quick half hour session at the gym
has meant I haven't been to a BP class for a while
until last Saturday morning when I made an effort to get there on time

Feeling really fit and healthy I upped my weights which is a good thing
'Cept I forgot its not just one or two lifts
but for about 3 minutes or length of song
so several times I had to drop my weight back down 

Chewing! Chewing! 

I love walking and would walk all day given the chance
'Cept time is short at the moment
so what do I do
Get very ambitious and reckon I can do a certain distance in a certain time
Oh yes, great thought, Catherine
Only trouble is I start out comfortably then realise the time
and get annoyed at the fact I have so much ground to cover to get back home

Chewing! Chewing! 

I get lots of enjoyment from and have fun using our computer
I can keep up to date with family and friends and do loads of other things
and of course read blogs
Well after being emailed once and asked
 'why had I stoppped following a certain person'
I now follow anonymously - less stress all round
I can read in google reader at my leisure
but do like to visit in person now and again
Clicking names in comment boxes can lead to the most delicious blogs
Google reader here I come
time and time again
The list gets longer and is out of control
So much time is spent just sitting here reading about people and things
Then they aren't so interesting and don't get read

Chewing! Chewing!

So now I have to think things through far more carefully
- tell myself its ok to say No -
- not take on more than I can cope with - 
- and delete half the blogs in my reader -
so I have the time to finish those b......scarves to take away with me lol


  1. Oh I love this post! "Chewing,chewing" happens to all of us. I certainly did a lot last week with five grandchildren. Literally and figuratively we chewed through issues and we chewed through almost all the groceries in our house. LOL

  2. Sometimes I don't have time to read all the blogs I follow, which is why I don't always comment, plus sometimes I don't feel my comment will contribute anything. So I just select mark all as read on the Reader and continue on my way and when I have time I skip back and have a quick look. Do not feel guilty.

  3. The scarves will happen, just fine - when it really suits you (may be working on just one at a time will help with progress).

    My Maroon Monster continues, at 97 stitches wide on 4.5mm needles I've completed 278 rows and nearly finished the first skein.

    Happy knitting of the lacy style,

    Huggles and care, Michelle xxx

  4. Seems to be the theme today in the land of blog ..... too much to do and too little time to get it done!

  5. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by. No matter how much we love our blogging I know it takes up a lot of time and distracts us from other things we have to do. Hope you get all those scarves done in time :)

  6. One day at a time sweetie, not to panic.....just keep doing what you enjoy at a pace you can tolerate.
    .......:-) Hugs

  7. its a girl thing. we dont want to upset anyone, and end up upsetting ourselves.
    this is the lesson we all have to learn.

  8. Well your post brought a smile to my face! I too have been having a hard time in keeping up with the blogs I follow. I seem to be fine in the cold of winter but now that spring is beckoning me to come out and play...

  9. A nice inspirational post.. yes,thanks for sharing here with us..
    greetings to u..

  10. Oh Cathy!! What a wonderful post! I think we all tend to get ourselves in this sort of situation, one way or the other. The thing is, if we weren't so occupied, we'd feel very guilty for the time we have in our hands. And then we start doing thing and doing things and like you said, chewing chewing!!! Hahahah!! But like I said, lovely post!!

  11. Thankyou for leaving me a comment. I do love reading them, but like you, I get pressed for time, and am not commenting as often as I once did. Like you, I visit others commenter often, & find some wonderful blogs this way.

  12. Cathy, I really enjoyed this post--I have been trying to get caught up after taking a break after the loss of our dog Cowboy and wish I would have seen this when I felt totally overwhelmed by life etc...You have provided a great reminder and I will try to keep it in mind next time I feel like I'm drowning in life!!


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