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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April A - Z Challenge

You know how you move along from one blog to another -
well I after reading about a challenge on Grammy's blog (Blabbin Grammy)
I then moved over to a blog called Tossing it Out
written by Arlee Bird to find out what it was all about

If you pop over there you will discover
its about taking the letters of the alphabet one by one
starting on April 1st and writing a post each day
with a topic beginning with the letter allocated to that day

It sounded feasible so I jumped in and signed up
As I said by not including Sundays
it works out to a post a day

Hopefully I can keep it going and come up a with a topic a day
Interested parties can find out about it here
She's written several posts about the challenge
starting here

Who wants to keep me company?


  1. Thanks for the promo and you are set!

  2. I'm already keeping you company! :) Nice to find someone from my part of the Earth!

  3. Dear Cathy ~~ Thank you for your
    comments. Lovely to hear from you
    and thanks so much for a prayer or two. I am hoping all will be well.

    Glad you liked the blonde jokes and
    by all means post the Going to the sun at night one.

    Have a lovely Easter my friend and
    I am looking forward to the nice weather. Take care, Love, Merle.

  4. Good luck with the challenge.
    from a fellow participate.


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