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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April A - Z Challenge

You know how you move along from one blog to another -
well I after reading about a challenge on Grammy's blog (Blabbin Grammy)
I then moved over to a blog called Tossing it Out
written by Arlee Bird to find out what it was all about

If you pop over there you will discover
its about taking the letters of the alphabet one by one
starting on April 1st and writing a post each day
with a topic beginning with the letter allocated to that day

It sounded feasible so I jumped in and signed up
As I said by not including Sundays
it works out to a post a day

Hopefully I can keep it going and come up a with a topic a day
Interested parties can find out about it here
She's written several posts about the challenge
starting here

Who wants to keep me company?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My World Tuesday

My husband assures me they are not new
But I don't recall seeing one locally before

Love a clean car?
Love a clean dog?

Kill three birds with one stone
Fillup. wash the car, wash the dog

click photos to enlarge

What happened to stand the dog under the hose at home
It could be lot cheaper than $10 minimum lol

I love these instructions
Shampoo, rinse, condition
Will you have flea rinse with that?
And what about a blow dry??

My world at the BP Service Station Montrose

To see more from around the world

Monday, March 29, 2010

Seasons come and Seasons Go

Well, it would seem Summer is over - the long hot days have moved on.

The last major cricket games in the Southern Hemisphere are happening in New Zealand


And now:-

The AFL (Aussie Rules) season has begun proper - Round 1 games are over and done with

And a special team lost :((


Heres the fixture list for Round 2 along with some other bits and pieces of interest

Lets hope they can get it together and please us all this season lol

Todays Flowers - March 10 - 3

Dahlia 'Moonfire'

We were at a BBQ in Healesville recently
and I saw these Dahlias in the garden
The dark foliage and the yellow coloured blooms made them really stand out 
My friend said they were one of the easiest plants to grow
she had in the garden
Never lifts them, just trims them back in autumn
and up they come again
at the beginning of each year (our spring/summer)

Don't they look nice and bright and summery
Made me think about asking her for some pieces lol   

Some of these links are for Australia
some for the Northern Hemisphere

Friday, March 26, 2010

Camera Critters

Its been a while since you saw the tricks our cats get up to
Blocking access to the keyboard is a favourite one

I'm sure they can read my mind
Each time I'm getting things organised to do some 'work' here  
I seem to find them both in this position
and I'm positive this converation takes place

Kiera - Brown Burmese on the left
says in a whisper: 
'She won't move us on if we are asleep'

Me : Oh yes she will lol

Leroy - Chocolate Burmese sitting says:
'What do you mean - you want this space'
Me: I have things to do and need to get to the keyboard

Leroy defiantly
while starting to lower himself back down says:
'I'll move if she does'
Me: Come on I'm in a hurry

Leroy back down on the desk:
'Looks like she isn't going anywhere - so neither am I'

Me: No dinner tonight if you don't get going soon

Kiera (who loves her food) sitting with a look that could kill on her face
'He not going so I don't think I should either'

Could you not love them - little so and so's that they are:))

Skywatch Friday

Looking at archived photos
I found these funny 'scratchy' looking skies
taken in Proserpine Qld exactly 7 months ago

Taken into the sun
in the main street of town
The church tower has a bit of a menacing look about it

click on the photos for a clearer view

The sky still had that same look about it
visible through a grubby windscreen
all the way back to Bowen

Does anyone know the name for this sort of cloud formation?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning??

Look what greeted us this Thursday morning
Slight case of foggy foggy dew
Cool as well - enough to put long trousers and sleeves on
The sun was trying to shine
Somewhere out there lol

So what does one do when outside doesn't look too interesting?
Well I suppose
if I could've seen further than my nose
I'm sure I would have found 'something' to do out there

I thought about knitting lol
But there were bits and pieces around about
to be sorted
so I just knuckled down and set to
tidying up and putting away
And thinking about my house and the storage space
Lack of  - that is
or is it
too much stuff:))

A few years ago we had the kitchen remodeled
It's not very large so one of my demands
was to have extra space for storage
This is what they suggested
Secret drawers along the baseboards under the cupboards
I only had these two installed
but ever since have wished I'd said yes to more of them
Its my loss
as they are a godsend
and there 'was' space available
At that time I used to 'save' pictures that showed storage units and ideas

This is an idea similar to my kitchen drawers
Now if we ever went back to a 2story house
I would certainly have these put in

Secret drawers at the bottom of the stairs

Oh I would have loved this when we lived in England and the kids were little
The times I'd fall over kids shoes right there
at the bottom of the stairs lol 

Heres another idea for a 2 story house
And I've actually lived with this sytem of rubbish removal

A Rubbish/Laundry shute 

This is a very old photo of the kitchen
we had in the blockof flats we called home in Singapore
Very basic but the rubbish shute idea has stuck in my mind ever since
Tip it away and down it goes into a bag/bin below
under the house

Great also for laundry from hallways upstairs  
downstairs into the laundry
I know they've been a feature in homes for many years now
but it was novel to me when I first saw it back in 1964
Unfortunately our house is too close to the ground
to incorporate the rubbish into the bin idea

Now, if we'd had more available cash for the kitchen
I would have had these roll out shelves put in

We did get drawers for crockery
but these would have been great for the pots and pans
Just think
No digging around at the back of the cupboard
'where are you - I know you're in there somewhere'
they just come to you lol

I might just get Dh to rig up this idea tho'
I'm sure B'unnings would have wall hangings of some sort that would do the job

Anyway it didn't take long for the fog to 'burn off'
and once the sun came out it didn't take long for me
to stop thinking those thoughts -
you know the ones that involved housework -
and to find something to do outside
Had to change into cooler clothes tho'
In the end it turned into a rather nice warm day

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Window Shopping time

Or at least thats what I call this time of the year
Twice a year most shires and councils
 have what we call 'Hard Rubbish Collections'

Its a service for ratepayers whereby you can leave all those enormous 'things'
broken or otherwise
that you want to get rid of
that you are too lazy or too cheap to take to the tip
out at the front of your house and a big truck comes along
and  does the deed for you
For Free

Thats it in theory
In practice its slightly different
As I said I call it Window Shopping
Looking for bargains from the windows of your car
You get to see inside of others' homes for free
from the stuff they leave outside lol

Its when that old saying
'One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure'
comes into play
and the Hunters and Gatherers come out

Little cars and big utes will suddenly stop and drivers pick through the piles

Most of the 'white goods' have gone
Last week there were dryers and washing machines
bikes as well as various other metal odds and ends
along this road
and just about every other one locally
Scrap metal trucks cruise up and down at all hours of the day
doing their own window shopping

So judging from my nosiness while out walking
(yes, I've had a little squizzy at a few piles here and there)
I think the sales of TVs,and computor equipment
Furniture, beds, garden furniture and just about anything else 
must have skyrocketed 

I did notice that once upon a time you could pick up a bargain
from the road side - not this year
so much of what I've seen is in terrible condition
wrecked - or just junk
You wonder how they could have some of the stuff
 in their garages, never mind their homes
Must be a sign of the times

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watery Wednesday at Castleton

edited: correction to spelling of waterway
Peakshole Water

Derbyshire England

When we were visiting my sister in England 4 years ago
we drove out to this little village in Derbyshire

Its one of those lovely villages up in the Peak District
that seem so nice and interesting during the summer
but you know they are as cold as ice during the winter

clicking on the photos will enlarge them

They told us that this little waterway comes from one of the mines
 that are further up the hill behind the village
and is called Peakshole Water

This person went there in the winter - have a look
As I suspected it is  - cold

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't bite off more than you can chew

'Don't bite off more than you can chew'

Life at the moment is quite hectic
some days I don't seem to have time to scratch myself
and I'm going to have to take notice of the above little saying

For quite a while now I've been knitting some lacey scarves
to take away with me as gifts for family
Worked in a fine mohair wool they are taking an age to do
Knowing full well how they are going
and the limited time I have to do them in
what else do I agree to do
Knit for a stall - a lot of things for a stall

Chewing! Chewing!

Doing some gardening today with sore arms and thighs today
reminded me about my Body Pump classes -
Going for a quick half hour session at the gym
has meant I haven't been to a BP class for a while
until last Saturday morning when I made an effort to get there on time

Feeling really fit and healthy I upped my weights which is a good thing
'Cept I forgot its not just one or two lifts
but for about 3 minutes or length of song
so several times I had to drop my weight back down 

Chewing! Chewing! 

I love walking and would walk all day given the chance
'Cept time is short at the moment
so what do I do
Get very ambitious and reckon I can do a certain distance in a certain time
Oh yes, great thought, Catherine
Only trouble is I start out comfortably then realise the time
and get annoyed at the fact I have so much ground to cover to get back home

Chewing! Chewing! 

I get lots of enjoyment from and have fun using our computer
I can keep up to date with family and friends and do loads of other things
and of course read blogs
Well after being emailed once and asked
 'why had I stoppped following a certain person'
I now follow anonymously - less stress all round
I can read in google reader at my leisure
but do like to visit in person now and again
Clicking names in comment boxes can lead to the most delicious blogs
Google reader here I come
time and time again
The list gets longer and is out of control
So much time is spent just sitting here reading about people and things
Then they aren't so interesting and don't get read

Chewing! Chewing!

So now I have to think things through far more carefully
- tell myself its ok to say No -
- not take on more than I can cope with - 
- and delete half the blogs in my reader -
so I have the time to finish those b......scarves to take away with me lol

Todays Flowers - March 10 - 2

This lovely flower belongs to a plant - or rather a bulb like plant
that grows near my front door

It must have been growing in amongst some Agapanthus bulbs I was given
'cept I didn't know it was there till the first time it popped up
Does anyone have any idea what it is?

clicking the photo will enlarge it

 It comes up each Autumn
I have no idea what its name is
and neither does anyone else I ask

Only managed to get one shot the other day
as it kept moving around in the wind

Does anyone have any idea?
Long thin strappy leaves - long thin stems but quite tough to break
Have been told its a 'weed' but its only in this one spot so I wont worry

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids Jokes

Its a lovely Sunday afternoon here in Melbourne
March 21st our Autumnal Equinox
'equal day and night'

Theres the promise of shorter days and cooler nights
a general slowing down
and for some reason
I am in desperate need of a sugar fix
- but there's nothing sweet in the house -
 ('cept me of course lol)
So I thought you'd like to hear these jokes
I heard on the radio yesterday morning

Yesterday - Saturday - morning Hilary Harper on
the old 3LO now referred to as 774 ABC Melbourne
asked children to ring in with their favourite joke

These are some of them

Why did the jellybean go to school?

Because it wanted to be a Smartie!

Here's another - definitely from a kids joke book

Why did the Toilet Paper roll down the hill?

To get to the bottom!
Boom Boom !!

btw did you know that here in Australia the TP brand
has the words
'Quilton loves your bum'
written on the inside of the cardboard inner roll?

Scenic Sunday

The Nuuanu Pali Lookout
("Cool Height Cliff")

The Nuʻuanu Pali State Wayside is a lookout
where visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the Oʻahu's windward side
with sweeping views of Kāneʻohe, Kāneʻohe Bay, and Kailua.

One of my most favourite places to visit is Hawaii
Not just for the warm sun and beaches
but for some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen

I'm sure this has to be the most viewed 'vista/scene' in the islands 
Each time we visit I try to persuade Dh
to put this on our list of must do

If you follow each photo from left to right
you will see the lie of the land
also the billowing clouds covering the sky on that day

These photos were taken by Dh
the last time we were there
September 2006

click each photo for a better view

for more Scenic Sunday photos from around the world

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gardening news - Signs of Autumn - East of Melbourne

A liitle update on the Blood Lillies - Ox Tongue lillies
I showed the other day in a Todays Flowers post

See the new leaves starting to emerge from that sheath like 'thing' near the ground
I think its part of the bulb actually as the stems also come up from there as well
See how rounded they are - they do look like the tip of a tongue lol

Ok, these are some late blooms on a couple of Buddleia

The yellow one is just a baby - in its first year
I found on a market stall when it was just stick like and a bit sickly looking
Its starting to bush out a little bit
so hopefully after its been pruned later this year
it will come back really nice and very bushy 

The 'blue' one (more lilac looking )
grows by the deck and is lovely to sit by when its all in bloom
Butterflies love it
Doesn't grow really tall - maybe 2 metres
but is quite wide with smaller leaves
I know they can be a bit of a weed 
but they certainly earn their keep at my place
'cose they can be chopped down almost to ground level
watered a little bit
and come back just as good as ever
Signs that autumn is here
Berries on a Lilly Pilly
Hopefully lots of Rosellas and Lorikeets will be along soon

Nice new brushes on a Banksia Spinulosa

And the Arum Lilies
some know them as Calla Lilies
or even Death Lilies
are starting to shoot again
They die back in the hot weather
then come back again once the soil seems to cool off

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Tips for Knitters

Just a few tips from adventures I have had these past few weeks knitting ‘lacy’ garments

If for any reason you have to undo a row or two it is easier to pick up stitches using a needle slightly smaller than the one you are actually using to knit with. Means there will be less of the ‘language’ and complaining that the stitches came off this b.......size needle why won’t they go back on again.  
Also some yarn is not very forgiving when poked and prodded

If for any reason you have to undo a row or two its easier to pick up the stitches after a purl row - some wool overs or wool to the front or slip one, knit two together followed by slip stitch over, don’t actaully stay that way when you try to put them back on the needle.  They come apart or just lie there like a great big loop at the back of the work.

Actually if for any reason you have to undo a row of two for any reason it’s a da…. sight easier to rip the whole thing out and start again.
Dropped stitches can be a b………to pick up.

- Oh -
and if you are improvising and have several items on the go that are the same size and design but you are doing different lacy skirts on each it is a good idea to write down the colour and which actual lacy pattern you are using.
Sometimes when you pick one up and start to knit again
it can be hard to remember which lacy pattern you are using 

No I'm not getting past it lol

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watery Wednesday at RHS Garden Wisley

RHS GardenWisley
Surrey England

An absolutely fabulous garden we visited
during our 2004 overseas trip to see family and friends

This is the house (Laboratory) and Canal Pond 
looking quite splendid the day we were there

please click the photos to enlarge

A closer view of the building
on a very cool September afternoon

Here are some links
to help you find out more
about this wonderful garden and surrounds

to see more worldwide Watery Wednesday posts