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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Vancouver has been the world's focus these past few weeks
We've been lucky to have visited there several times

These 'reflections' were taken on our last trip there in 2006

please click on the photo to see a larger image

Please don't ask me which street we were walking down
when my Dh took them
'cose I don't remember lol

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  1. Well you have done better than me, never been on the West coast of Canada, would love to go though one day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Gill in Canada

  2. I was able to go to Seattle in early 60s for the Worlds Fair and we took a ferry amongst those beautiful islands off the coast of BC. We docked at Vancouver and saw a beautiful garden. Those islands were like green jewels in the ocean. Ah! my "word" is actually a real word --plate!

  3. Well, you haven't posted my earlier comment so I can't take it back. I am an idiot. The ferry trip I was talking about was to Victoria, BC, not Vancouver. Oh well.

  4. Great post!! I have really enjoyed hearing about Canada during the olympics--I have to admit it reminds me just a little bit of Alaska!

  5. What great looking buildings showing the reflections like they are showing.

  6. I applaud your lovely photos of Vancouver. You deserve a medal. :)

  7. I love reflections on glass towers, great pics.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  8. What beautiful pictures and reflections.

  9. Lovely photos. There's a whole other landscape in those reflections. Sometimes skyscrapers really can add something to a city.

  10. Nice work on the reflections of Vancouver! I especially like the second!

  11. Wonderful reflections and photos of Vancouver!

  12. Great reflections and captures.
    Happy weekend.

  13. These reflections are excellent.

  14. These reflections seem to be reaching up the skyscrapers! Lovely!

  15. and you seem to have had a bright sunshiny day! I see blue skies in those beautifully composed reflections!

  16. Very nice. I prefer the second image.


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