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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday - Feb 2010 - 1

Abel Point Marina
Airlie Beach

Back in Queensland again lol

As were staying just an hour away from Airlie Beach
we dropped in one day to book tickets for a day cruise
to some of the Whitsunday Islands

Lots of white clouds showing up against the blue of the sky
and accenting the greeny look to the water

There weren't many boats tied up that day
but I loved the look of the sleek masted sailing ship/yacht
 and the much larger exclusive expensive looking yacht 
berthed next to each other in this world class marina

No casual access to the walkways so this is as close as I could 

click the photos for a clearer view

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  1. Looks so warm there! I would love to be on a boat somewhere...... I would have access to water!

  2. Imagine being able to own any of those boats there? Anytime I'm at a marina I always think of all the money just sitting there! lol Gorgeous pictures. xoxo

  3. I agree with Kathy - having access to the ocean, or even a large lake, would be the ultimate!!

  4. The marina is always a favorite subject of mine. There is plenty to see and enjoy and photograph and of course the water shots are always fantastic.

  5. Gorgeous blues in sky and water!

  6. so gorgeous photo especailly the second one

  7. Beautiful scenery and lovely photos. They make me wish I was there.

  8. wow this are pretty shots. Thanks for sharing...Happy watery Wednesday.

  9. Oh how I would love to have a ticket to the big boat! What adventures I could have!

  10. There are some expensive boats at Airlie Beach these days.


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