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Monday, February 15, 2010

Todays Flowers - Feb 2010

aka Lily of the Nile

This has to be one of the most common plants in our neighbourhood
They enjoy our climate and thirve well no matter where they are planted
The can stand alone as a feature or grow happily in a border with other plants
or just fill in an odd corner 

Mostly they grow on long tall stems making them tower over other plants
but there are also smaller shorter varietes
- minatures -
which will happily grow in a pot as well as thegarden

Look at those lovely flowers
so many individual ones making up the big mop head

click on photos to enlarge them

The big round heads of colour stand out - often they are the pale blue or white
but there is a really dark one available now
A plant thats cheap to keep - once you've got it you will always have it
Easyish to divide - once you get the clump out of the ground lol
Move the strappy leaves to one side and chop the clump in half

Just one thing to remember
Once they finish flowering and the petals have dropped
please remove the heads of seeds

Can't allow them to become weeds
which is certainly happening in some bushland areas 

For more of todays Flowers


  1. Just Gorgeous, I like the white but I really love that purple color. Great photos.

  2. great flower, I think we can grow them here in Canada.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Beautiful flowers, I can almost smell them from here!!

  4. Wonderful pictures of Agapanthus flowers and plants.
    In Canada we treat Agapanthus as tropical plants and store the roots over winter in a safe place.
    Thank you for sharing!!
    - Cheers.

  5. Here in the Adelaide Hills most driveways down to the house have an obligitory row of Aggies. Our have finished now. I was going to take photo of them this year but somehow didn't make it. One thing I did find out...the cattle love them. For a few years we didn't have any blooms because the cows would poke their nose in as far as they could, curl their tongue around the stem and devour the blooms !! The flowers that were out of tongues reach were not safe either, they worked out that a gust of wind would help them by blowing it in the right direction !!That was until I talked Popeye into putting chicken wire along the length of fencing where they grow. Believe me .. animals are NOT dumb. I have many different colours including the "black panther" Amazing plants, they take care of themselves, dont need to water.
    Cathy, I will let you know about Anzac w/e a little later, we dont know what we will be up to. It would be good if we could co-ordinate something.

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous sight to my poor snow-weary eyes! I would love to have some of these in my yard. They remind me of fireworks, sparkling and colorful!

  7. Sounds like the kind of flower I need! And I don't have cows so they would be safe at my place. Thanks for the good instructions.

  8. Wonderful pictures...
    Just placed an order with Gardenimport.com Toronto, Canada for blue Agapanthus- INTERMEDIUS plants.
    I grow the plants in large containers and winterize them in our garage.
    Thank you for sharing.


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