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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some things are sent to try us

Woke feeling fresh and eager for exercise
Thought I'd take in a Body Pump class
Left home a little later than I should have
Bad move lol

Took nearly 20mins to drive from home
Here you have what is known as
'Our Taxes At Work'

Near the town where the train goes from and
over an biggish intersection
no right turn allowed  
so 3 lanes into 1
caused havoc all the way down the road
On my side only 'sigh'

I missed the class but luckily the Leisure Centre 
have now opened a new section
A half hour fitness circuit area
similar to Cur'ves and Cont'ours
Ladies Only
no waiting for machines like down in the main gym
no feelings of inadequacy
or 'shame' at size of body as one lady said to me
just come on in, knuckle down 
work hard at both strength and cardio
Get back into shape and Good Health  

I'd added that to my membership a while a go
means I can drop in anytime
not just when there is a class I want to attend
(have sort of given up on the gym itself as its always so crowded)
so I popped in there - better than driving home :))

No problem with the intersection going home
all the hold ups were still on the other side of the road lol


  1. Do you have turnpikes or toll roads in Australia? Our state, Oklahoma, has turnpikes that were supposed to pay for themselves in a few years when built in the 1950's. We're still paying tolls plus most of the time they look like the construction in your pictures so we're paying tolls and our tax dollars are paying for repairs. And to make matters worse, we are still building more turnpikes. I think Oklahoma and West Virginia are the only states in the US with toll roads.

  2. It's great to hear that we are not the only one who have problems in traffic especially when repairs are being done!

    It's also great that you went ahead and worked out despite missing your class--I would have probably just gone shopping or to lunch! :-)

  3. You really should try driving in the Middle East - it is CHAOS! Roads closed for no reason (with no warnings except for a poor guy standing with a little red flag)!!

  4. You know its an election year when the road works start. They are everywhere at the moment.

  5. Oh isn't it the way when one is really in a hurry?? But at least you had something "to do" for yourself! Now that sounds like my cup of tea, the circuit.


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