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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday - aka A Walk in the Park

It was such a beautiful morning today and
after all the hot humid days of last week
it was so nice for it to be just sunny and dry and not too cloudy 

I diverted from my planned walking the streets
to wander round the little park
close to home

Starting at the rotunda I made my way up one of the tracks
please click on these photos to enlarge and get a better view
past one of the picnic benches

and walked further on up one of the windy paths
past lots of gums (eucalypts) and various wattles
I glanced to my right
and there they were up on the mountain
for all to see

Got to the top of the track
and had a little look around

Mainly blue skies with some cloud on the horizon
if you look closely you can see the bridge down below
the one that goes over the pond near the wetlands

Heres a better view of the bridge and the Community House nearby
Same one where I am going to the singing afternoons
also where my CWA branch meets

 I wandered over the other side of the pond
wondering where all the ducks were

Remember I showed you
last year

Nobody home 'cept for what looked like an Indian Runner
and a couple of others
See the rotunda and the children's playground across the way
We lost some of the older trees with the drought
So it looks like theres a bit of replacement greening going on here
Got to the top again
The cloud was still there
and it was starting to warm up
and get muggy

That paved circular area is for kids to play ball games
also gives parents somewhere level for little ones to ride their trikes/bikes
The Salvos use it for their 'band'
at the Christmas Carols in the Park Concert
and all the locals sit up on the grass where I was standing
After that little detour I wandered off back on to the footpath
to finish the street circuit I had planned
when I left home earlier on

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  1. Great photographs of a wonderful excursion. Wish I could have enjoyed the walk with you. Oh, I guess I just did in a way. Thanks!

  2. Lovely pictures of warm sunny weather. It seems forever since we had warm sunny weather, feels as though winter has gone on forever here!

  3. A lovely walk you took us on Cathy. Nice to have those kind of days.

  4. Hi Cathy, What a lovely walk & beautiful park.:-) I am blogging again...thought I would drop in & say hi. :-) Vi

  5. A very beautiful PARK. Great shots!


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