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Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing ever stays the same

Things keep changing around here - some for the good and some not so good.

On the good front I have managed to off load so much of my unwanted (more like unneeded) clothing and household goods this month I'm sure the opportunity/charity shops groan when they see me coming in laden with bags and boxes - no groaning on my part 'cept when I lift those bags and or boxes lol 

It seems that I am slowly making a dent in the linen cupboard and am going to be ruthless and cut down the amount of towels taking up shelf space in there - we don't have dogs, there'll be no more litters of kittens and accidents with the washing machine leaking are few and far between now so I really don't need all the very old ones at all.  The vet and animal aid are always looking for old towels so thats probably where they will go.

On the other side as we move further and further into the year the weather is changing - for a start the days seem to be growing shorter, sunrise for this week is officially  just about 7am and sunset is just after 8pm - I found this handy dandy chart  on the web that tells when those times are. 

I always feel sad at this time of the year as it becomes more obvious that even tho' we may still have warm weather summer is going away.  Officially Autumn begins here on March 1st which is in 3days time and yes some nights it is getting cooler ( pjs get worn and blankets pulled up) but then we have days like today when the temp is up in the 30s/high 80s.  Tonight isn't expected to go any lower than 20c/68f and from then on next week that and a little higher is whats forecast for the daily high 

SAT Passing Showers. Afternoon Clouds. Mild. Humid.     19  26

SUN Showers Early. Morning Clouds. Cool. 18 km           15  22

MON Mostly Sunny. Cool. 19 km/h                                   13  22

TUE Sunny. Mild. 16 km/h                                                 13  26

WED Showers Late. Mostly Cloudy. Warm. 1 km/h           15  28

THU Numerous Showers. Mostly Cloudy. Cool. 11 km/h   19  22

FRI Mostly Cloudy. Cool. 11 km/h                                     20  22

So with the days getting shorter and the days getting cooler I tend to get a bit testier - not a winter sort of person at all - but having said that its far easier to garden when its cool then in the blazing hot sunshine lol

On another note there is a definite change in my darling Aunt.  She has gone downhill qute noticably since Christmas time.  Dh and I went on Tuesday and she spoke to me by name when we went in but asked me who I'd brought with me....she didn't recognise him at all..........even when I mentioned his name it didn't seem to ring a bell with her.  I chatted along with her (well sort of a one sided chat) and it really became an effort,  She asked me when I'd got back and did I enjoy my self - so I played along and we looked at the postcards I'd sent her from our trip last year which seemed to be what she was referring to - well at least I think it was.  She was stroppy with the carers over taking some medication which they have to crush now as she won't swallow the tablets and when I spoke about her grandchildren and I mentioned her grandson was now in private practice just like his father - she was silent and asked when did  this happen - and why didn't anybody tell her anything.  A year ago she talked of him constantly and now its all gone. 

Many of her friends are not visiting unless myself or my cousin are there as they can't cope with the lack of understanding and don't know how to humour her, find it hard to accept her shortcomings and memory loss and random thoughts that to them aren't true facts  and can't just 'play along'.  They say its deceiving her - when she asks about her son - our cousin - who died - they still say Michael is dead but we say we haven't seen him for a while - which is the truth - they forget that the words we say are forgotten soon after and she will ask about him again tomorrow.

So like the song say - the times they are a changing


  1. Its so sad about your aunt. My grandmother is the same an it hurts when she doesnt remember me. But when clarity comes back and she remembers its wonderful.
    Good on you for decluttering, I will have to do that again soon. All my cloths are getting way to big. Yeah!
    Autumn is my fav time of year. I hate, hate the hot weather. I am a cool climate girl.

  2. So sorry about your aunt, I remember the same happening with my very dear grandmother. I found it was just easier to "humor" her and go along...it seemed so much easier for her. And for the decluttering, I have been on a kick for some time as well. The Animal Shelter doesn't know it yet but another big bag of towels is going to them soon! I always feel satisfied whenever I leave bags at the local thrift shop, knowing I am helping raise funds for our local hospital and much needed equipment. You are heading into cooler weather and we are (hopefully) heading towards Spring! Its very much looked forward to.

  3. Really sorry about your aunt Cathy. It's sad when they don't remember, but very important to keep visiting and just be there for her. My pop went through the same thing, but I understood, he couldn't help it. It's for the best to play along I reckon.
    Good on you with the decluttering too!! :-)

  4. I too am sorry about your Aunt. You are doing the right thing, why hurt her time after time to be told her son is dead? Bless her heart. It's so sad that when we need friends the most, they aren't there.


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