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Monday, February 15, 2010

It is from little things that big things grow

You know how when you are trying to find a solution to one problem
and then one thing leads to another
well, I have now found a great solution
 to one of my ongoing problems

Its a way to use up
a whole lot of those small balls of wool/yarn
left over from various garments.

- that time wasting pastime we all seem to take part in - 
led me to a page on
and a way to empty some of the baskets of said wool in the garage.

They are asking for knitted squares, just medium sized ones 20cm square, which they will then sew into blankets for a project started last year (2009)
This is the opening blurb on one of the pages:
Just by knitting a 20cm square you can help to save a life. Get your friends and loved ones in on it too and help us piece together warm blankets for children in countries that need a helping hand. A 20cm knitted square is all we ask.

Lots of charities ask for knitted goods to be distributed worldwide
this one is focusing specifically on babies
which is a cause close to my heart

There is even a blog
so you can learn more about the project
and keep up to date with whats going on
and organised events

So come on all you Aussies
that have some spare wool
(and they do ask for wool as opposed to synthetics)
pick up the knitting needles
get involved and give to these little ones


  1. What a lovely idea for a great cause. Years ago I knit small squares for a group that put them all together for afghans for the homeless. It felt wonderful to have a small part in something so big! My two youngest children would "help" by picking out the yarn and then packing the squares up for delivery.

  2. what a great idea and for such a good cause. I need to look up the Canadian site to see if they are doing something similar.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Hi Cathy. Thanks for supporting our Knit One Save One project and for writing a blog post about it!


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