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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wish I hadn't said that

There was an occasion the other day when I regretted saying something not long after I'd opened my mouth.  It wasn't anything earthshattering or of real importance but after I'd spoken I really wished I hadn't revealed what I did.

Wednesday is the only day of the week I have to myself - Dh and I have various interests away from the house so may not be at home at the same time; there are days when we are like ships that pass in the night catching a glimpse of each other now and again but always home together by about 5pm.  Theres only the one day that I don't have anything planned which means I have the whole day to myself 'cose he'll be on the golf course from 10am till 4pm.  I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want. 

I usually spend most of these Wednesdays at home fiddling around - could be computing , could be gardening, could be crafting, could be window shopping at the local shopping centre - (and theres the occasional time doing housework - but we cant use precious time doing that can we  lol)  so as strange as it may be to some I don't welcome company that day - its my day and I don't want to be bothered with door to door salesman or the 'niceties of visitors' and entertaining.  Oh for the days of calling cards and being able to 'not be at home'

Nothing unusual in that - or at least I didn't think so - but theres more.

We live in the suburbs with houses all around us, theres plenty of roadway by our nature stip available for parking and a made footpath goes along the front of the house, our house is fairly small which means I can see outside the front of the house from the kitchen through the big picture window in the lounge so know if anyone is coming down the drive and making their way to the front door. 

Now for the reveal - if I'm indoors and in the Greta Garbo mood (I want to be alone) I lock the doors and don't answer the door bell or the phone (answering machines are the way to go and can be interrupted once I've vetted the call) - I've even been known to move quickly from one room to another so I can't be seen and stand there till the person has gone away.

If its family.........and yes in the past I've ignored them at times.......... but they usually ring so I do know when they are coming lol..............they think I've gone for a walk or walked to the shops (the car is in the drive) so I don't feel too bad about it and if they get really insistent I do open up after a while but only to them.

SO when this person heard my disclosure she kept asking me subtle questions about my mental health - did I feel lonely or angry, and at one time even suggested I was selfish, above myself and deceiving my husband  (go figure that one)

Do you think I'm odd, selfish, secretive deceiving or just protecting 'my day to myself'?

Any admissions from anyone else?


  1. Cathy, I think you are just like me. While I enjoy being with people, spending time with friends,etc., I spend time alone too where I don't want to talk to anyone, answer the phone, etc. A friend of mine calls it "me time," others call it "down time" and there's nothing wrong with it. The fact that you recognize that you need it, means you're "okay!" Enjoy your day, and don't feel guilty!! :-)

  2. On occaasion I have also just not answered the door when someone is ringing the bell.

    I get few people coming to the door where I live so I do not do this often.

    I am more inclined to not answer the telephone which I find very intrusive. I have even asked the telephone company if I could get a phone that gets no incoming calls but is available for emergency outgoing calls.

  3. I agree, I love my "me time", I don't answer the door or the phone, it is quite simple, I don't want to be interrupted. And yes, I have even changed rooms so I couldn't be seen, lol. (even the Mister knows that it is better to SMS me than phone me)

  4. Hey Cathy, this is YOUR life, you can do what you please, when you please.

    I must admit that we do not have many visitors and would like to see some loved ones more often.

    I hate those phone calls right at dinner time or when I'm in the middle of cooking it.

  5. Cathy..I've done the same. Not long ago in fact! No one ought to just show up at your door. If there is something wrong with you...then me too.lol

  6. You have just inspired me to do what I've longed to do for years! I never answer the telephone during mealtimes but I hadn't thought of ignoring the doorbell. I'm going to call it 'doing a Cathy'. We all deserve some time to ourselves.

    BTW I have a book draw you might like.

  7. You are not nuts, its okay to have a day off!
    My husband and eldest son are infinitely sociable but the youngest son and I understand there are times when no company is the best company. Enjoy!

  8. Hahaha...Greta, hmm. I have avoided folks when I wanted alone time. I hide in the bathroom until I hear them drive away. You have you rights! LOL

  9. Hi Cathy,
    Yes, I also like to have a day to myself. I'm buying a phone that tells you who's ringing so I can .decide whether I am "at home " or not or ring back later
    If you don't know who's visiting you can always slip on a coat before you open the door and say " Oh I was just going out " or "Hello,I've just come in "

  10. You have every right to have a "day of being alone". We are programmed to answer the phone when it rings and attend to the doorbell when it rings, but we really don't have to. Some people might see it as being deceptive, but if you don't lie if you are "confronted" about it, then I don't see that it is deceptive.

  11. I am a firm believer in alone time! I happen to enjoy having time to myself, uninterrupted by any and all. I think it is healthy ..... but that is just my opinion.

  12. I too have these type of "days". Mine usually involves NOT answering the darn phone. Matter of fact once my husband goes back to work after the weekend I have what I call "my day off" and I don't do a darn thing! Well, the dog hasn't figured out how to let himself in and out but still....


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