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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I was telling the truth

A couple of friends of mine rang today and asked me if I was making the previous post up - nobody would talk about mass murders when advertising their B&B even if they did take place down the road a bit

Sorry to disappoint them but that really did come from a website advertising the virtues of a B&B in cottages attached to a lighthouse in the Corner Brook area of Newfoundland.

I did remove the name of the Inn and won't give it to you (might by email)'cose it could be a very nice place to visit but I can assure you all the words in italics came from that one advertisment.  They are all to do with the same establishment which as I say could be very comfortable and good value, I just found it amusing they would present such macabre facts to try and drum up business.

Long way to go till we arrive there in September - lots of planning ahead (and saving)


  1. Maybe it is a genius marketing ploy, like an annoying jingle, makes you never forget their name!

  2. I figured it had to be true, who could make that stuff up?? Hope you aren't staying there!


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