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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going to be an interesting trip

I have been starting to look around tourism sites for bits and pieces on the trip we are taking to Newfoundland when we are visiting family in Nova Scotia later in the year - we most likely will stay in B & B's overnight along the way.  Now advertising to attract visitors can be very flowery and you have to have an open mind and read between the lines sometimes to envisage what is actually there but also not to overlook very nice and interesting accomodation. 

(This is all tongue in cheek but also my initial reaction)

To begin with I thought this one sounded quite nice; 

'Newfoundland's unique island bed and breakfast experience in a restored lightkeeper's home on the shores of Iceberg Alley, the best location and longest season in Newfoundland for iceberg viewing. As you drift off to sleep in our well-appointed bed and breakfast let the powerful North Atlantic surf remind you of the hardiness of the generations of lightkeepers who have lived in this isolated corner of the globe where nature remains untamed.

At dawn, as you stroll before our hearty breakfast, be sure to introduce yourself to your only neighbors - the whales migrating past the doorstep of the inn.

My interest was sparked as it talked about icebergs and surf and the whales. Then I noticed mention of taking a dawn walk - don't think so - I' m on holiday in the North Atlantic Ocean (not the tropics) in September and unless the weather is up in the 30cs /high 80fs I don't walk anywhere at dawn lol

The description then waxes lyrical about a deserted island with a lovely walk to a fishing village - sounds great doesn't it - but read what comes next -

Our B&B is located at the northernmost point in Newfoundland overlooking the Viking site of L'Anse aux Meadows. Our 7 km long deserted island has a beautiful hike to an abandoned fishing village where a mass murder and suicide became the basis for the remarkable book - Curse of the Red Cross Ring”.

I've read about shipwreck coasts and villagers luring ships onto rocks so they can get to cargoes but this one is a new one - lol its a crime scene - mass murder and suicide took place there - no wonder its abandoned lol

Take time also to walk the cliffs to the unexcavated ancient sod huts where the remains of an ancient culture are left undisturbed.

Why go along the cliff face risking life and limb if the the old huts aren't visible and you have to use your imagination on what's buried also no information on what ancient culture

We offer ten rooms in two houses at the base of an operating lighthouse. A romantic spot for your honeymoon or to renew a special relationship. The inn was restored by us (Linkum Tours) in 1998 and this year it is joined by our newest restored lighthouse inn located at Cape Anguille, near the Marine Atlantic ferry terminal at Port aux Basques, NL.'

I'm wondering how much light there would be coming in your bedroom window if you are sleeping at the base of a working lighthouse - imagine big bright light going round and round - not quite what you'd want on a romantic weekend lol

Just a common or garden room for the night will be ok for me with no dead bodies down the end of the yard thanks


  1. But look at the opportunity you'll miss...I'd have to take that dawn daytrip just for the opportunity to say I went...and maybe talk to a ghost or three...

  2. So, do let us know which one you eventually pick. All of them sound wonderful to me!

  3. I don't think I would mention a murder in my ad to attract business ... but that's just me! I also wondered how loud the surf pounding would be along with the ginormous strobe light pulsing away through the night as you lay there contemplating a murder in an isolated area. Just saying.....

  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting me. This vacation you're planning sounds exciting. A lighthouse may be quite romantic, too.

  5. I would love to visit the east coast of Canada, the people are so friendly. You will have a brilliant time and September should still be warm, in the high teens to low 20's oC

    Gill in Canada

  6. Oh this was wonderful! I chuckled all the way through...and don't forget the blast of a fog horn as you drift off to sleep....


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