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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Floaters and Flashes

Well my trip to the eye specialist was worth it 'cose he reassured me that  'All is well' 

Seems what I was worried about and what prompted my GP to refer me, is for many people all part of the aging process:(

I'd been seeing little black specks in my eye for a while - and yes I knew these were called floaters - but then I started to these sharp flashes of light in one eye just as I was falling off to sleep, like someone had turned on a torch and shone it straight into my eye.  So when I started to get little white blobs falling down one side of one eye ( looked like white raindrops sliding down a window pane but at the side of one eye) I finally mentioned it to said GP.

When I made the appointment the receptionist advised me I wouldn't be able to drive home so Dh got comfortable in the car, ready with Jon Faine and a book to while the time by; luckily me getting the first appointment for the day was great as I didn't have to wait long before I was called in.  History taken with the Orthoptist and then it was on to the Ophthalmologist for the main event.

It was a very lengthy examination, looking inside, outside and all around the eye and it was after the final eye drops that I realised what they meant about not driving - everything certainly was fuzzy lol 

It wasn't till way into the afternoon before the pupils had returned to their normal size, the soreness or I imagine irritation from the 4 sets of drops that were administered had diminished and I could focus again.  The specialist was very reassuring and I was advised what to look for in case something does 'go wrong inside the eyeball' so now can carry on as normal.  There shouldn't be any problem with craft and not be too worried with seeing things lol

I'll tell you what tho' this aging process can be a real killer sometimes - mentally as well as physically lol

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  1. Oh Cathy,
    Isn't this fun...aging I mean. I saw my eye doctor in June but need to see him again as the eyes are not working as well as I'd like.
    I'm glad you were reassured.

  2. Glad that you recieved your reassurance.

  3. I'm glad everything went well on your visit!! I have a friend that lost her vision because she didn't see a doctor when her eyes bothered her--So it is always good to have them checked!

  4. I too have these floaters and I thank you so much for this helpful and informative post! What I hate the most is that feeling that someone is off to my side and when I turn, no one is there.

  5. Glad that all came out well. Sounds like very extensive testing!

  6. This is good to know, I have had floaters for years, but the flashes are new. I had thought they were telling me to rest my eyes or that a headache was about to arrive. I am still going to take it easy and let he who plumbs treat me special!!


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