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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another secret revealed lol

I think I've mentioned it enough times
for all to know I do like warm weather
I don't do Winter
When the weather cools down I want to hibernate lol

This is my bestest way to pass the time
At the beach doing nothing

Hook Island 2009

For a few years when I was a very little girl  
we lived on the south coast of England
and almost daily endured
the stony pebble beach at Southsea

Mum said I loved it
never wanted to leave
and would be a handful on the way home

Knew what I liked even at that age lol
Southsea Beach 1946

With the winter Olympics on at the moment
I think its a good time to reveal something to you :)

It may come as a surprise if I said
there was one week in early February 1961
(oh dear - thats nearly 50 years ago)
when I had the time of my life
and even enjoyed the cold weather

Doing what you say
Skiing - says I
- yes -
Snow Skiing

We lived in Cyprus at the time
A beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean
well, it was at that time
sadly it has had a very chequered history since then

Dad was serving with the RAF
so thats why we were there
The youth club went to the Troodos Mountains 
 for a few days

And voila
here's Catherine practising for the down hill event 

Bet you never thought you'd see me frolicing in that cold white stuff lol


  1. Gday Cathy, I have to agree with you I love the warmer weather but not when we get 45C at the height summer. and not a winter person .I think im getting square eyes watching the winter olympics. oh dear theres been a few Tumbles on the slopes and bobsleds..

  2. if God had wanted me to ski, he would have given me bigger feet and wings to fly down a mountain!!

    Great photos though......

    Gill in Canada

  3. We all have those moments in our past we are a little ashamed of when we acted out of out basic character. Few like yourself are willing to expose themselves the way you have ;)

    After a slow start and some disappointing individual results Canada has finished strong and the atheletes have done themselves proud.

    I am glads the Aussie cousins are watching and enjoying the Olympics while working on their late season tans.

  4. I was going to comment on the fabulous beach picture... but then I saw the ski-ing one :) YAYYYYY

    I am with you and the need for sunshine.

  5. You have been around haven't you. There is a time in life for everything.

  6. Hi Cathy
    Made me think of ice skating days many years ago !
    You look very comfortable at Hook Island !
    Never thought of offering old towels to the Animal Rescue centre. Will do in future

  7. I think I will stick to enjoying the warm weather .... if it ever gets here! No skiing for me!

  8. Great photos Cathy. You look very comfortable in both environments.

  9. Sounds like you are a summer girl just like me, I can't believe we live in snowy Scotland, Palm Springs is more my climate. At least we are looking forward to spring now, well longing for it really. Still you have enjoyed the snow at some stage in your varied life, we have black and white proof.

  10. We don't do Winter either. That's why when we can we come over to Australia! I think your photos are great. The one of you sitting on the shingle is just so cute, and I'm in real awe of your skiing skills. Such lovely memories for you. x


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