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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another secret revealed lol

I think I've mentioned it enough times
for all to know I do like warm weather
I don't do Winter
When the weather cools down I want to hibernate lol

This is my bestest way to pass the time
At the beach doing nothing

Hook Island 2009

For a few years when I was a very little girl  
we lived on the south coast of England
and almost daily endured
the stony pebble beach at Southsea

Mum said I loved it
never wanted to leave
and would be a handful on the way home

Knew what I liked even at that age lol
Southsea Beach 1946

With the winter Olympics on at the moment
I think its a good time to reveal something to you :)

It may come as a surprise if I said
there was one week in early February 1961
(oh dear - thats nearly 50 years ago)
when I had the time of my life
and even enjoyed the cold weather

Doing what you say
Skiing - says I
- yes -
Snow Skiing

We lived in Cyprus at the time
A beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean
well, it was at that time
sadly it has had a very chequered history since then

Dad was serving with the RAF
so thats why we were there
The youth club went to the Troodos Mountains 
 for a few days

And voila
here's Catherine practising for the down hill event 

Bet you never thought you'd see me frolicing in that cold white stuff lol

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing ever stays the same

Things keep changing around here - some for the good and some not so good.

On the good front I have managed to off load so much of my unwanted (more like unneeded) clothing and household goods this month I'm sure the opportunity/charity shops groan when they see me coming in laden with bags and boxes - no groaning on my part 'cept when I lift those bags and or boxes lol 

It seems that I am slowly making a dent in the linen cupboard and am going to be ruthless and cut down the amount of towels taking up shelf space in there - we don't have dogs, there'll be no more litters of kittens and accidents with the washing machine leaking are few and far between now so I really don't need all the very old ones at all.  The vet and animal aid are always looking for old towels so thats probably where they will go.

On the other side as we move further and further into the year the weather is changing - for a start the days seem to be growing shorter, sunrise for this week is officially  just about 7am and sunset is just after 8pm - I found this handy dandy chart  on the web that tells when those times are. 

I always feel sad at this time of the year as it becomes more obvious that even tho' we may still have warm weather summer is going away.  Officially Autumn begins here on March 1st which is in 3days time and yes some nights it is getting cooler ( pjs get worn and blankets pulled up) but then we have days like today when the temp is up in the 30s/high 80s.  Tonight isn't expected to go any lower than 20c/68f and from then on next week that and a little higher is whats forecast for the daily high 

SAT Passing Showers. Afternoon Clouds. Mild. Humid.     19  26

SUN Showers Early. Morning Clouds. Cool. 18 km           15  22

MON Mostly Sunny. Cool. 19 km/h                                   13  22

TUE Sunny. Mild. 16 km/h                                                 13  26

WED Showers Late. Mostly Cloudy. Warm. 1 km/h           15  28

THU Numerous Showers. Mostly Cloudy. Cool. 11 km/h   19  22

FRI Mostly Cloudy. Cool. 11 km/h                                     20  22

So with the days getting shorter and the days getting cooler I tend to get a bit testier - not a winter sort of person at all - but having said that its far easier to garden when its cool then in the blazing hot sunshine lol

On another note there is a definite change in my darling Aunt.  She has gone downhill qute noticably since Christmas time.  Dh and I went on Tuesday and she spoke to me by name when we went in but asked me who I'd brought with me....she didn't recognise him at all..........even when I mentioned his name it didn't seem to ring a bell with her.  I chatted along with her (well sort of a one sided chat) and it really became an effort,  She asked me when I'd got back and did I enjoy my self - so I played along and we looked at the postcards I'd sent her from our trip last year which seemed to be what she was referring to - well at least I think it was.  She was stroppy with the carers over taking some medication which they have to crush now as she won't swallow the tablets and when I spoke about her grandchildren and I mentioned her grandson was now in private practice just like his father - she was silent and asked when did  this happen - and why didn't anybody tell her anything.  A year ago she talked of him constantly and now its all gone. 

Many of her friends are not visiting unless myself or my cousin are there as they can't cope with the lack of understanding and don't know how to humour her, find it hard to accept her shortcomings and memory loss and random thoughts that to them aren't true facts  and can't just 'play along'.  They say its deceiving her - when she asks about her son - our cousin - who died - they still say Michael is dead but we say we haven't seen him for a while - which is the truth - they forget that the words we say are forgotten soon after and she will ask about him again tomorrow.

So like the song say - the times they are a changing

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Vancouver has been the world's focus these past few weeks
We've been lucky to have visited there several times

These 'reflections' were taken on our last trip there in 2006

please click on the photo to see a larger image

Please don't ask me which street we were walking down
when my Dh took them
'cose I don't remember lol

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watery Wednesday - Feb 2010 - 3 aka All Aboard an Alaskan Cruise

We've been thinking about travel plans recently
and looking at photos of past trips

Two very wet ones
- quite suitable for a Watery Wednesday post :) -
from an Alaskan Cruise
taken in 2006

Not only wet but rather cold as well lol

please click to enlarge the photos

A very 'lonely' me surveying the landscape
all the others had called it a day lol
I loved the look of the low cloud
that ran along the side of the land

and don't you love the reflections
of the deck chairs on the wet deck   

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some things are sent to try us

Woke feeling fresh and eager for exercise
Thought I'd take in a Body Pump class
Left home a little later than I should have
Bad move lol

Took nearly 20mins to drive from home
Here you have what is known as
'Our Taxes At Work'

Near the town where the train goes from and
over an biggish intersection
no right turn allowed  
so 3 lanes into 1
caused havoc all the way down the road
On my side only 'sigh'

I missed the class but luckily the Leisure Centre 
have now opened a new section
A half hour fitness circuit area
similar to Cur'ves and Cont'ours
Ladies Only
no waiting for machines like down in the main gym
no feelings of inadequacy
or 'shame' at size of body as one lady said to me
just come on in, knuckle down 
work hard at both strength and cardio
Get back into shape and Good Health  

I'd added that to my membership a while a go
means I can drop in anytime
not just when there is a class I want to attend
(have sort of given up on the gym itself as its always so crowded)
so I popped in there - better than driving home :))

No problem with the intersection going home
all the hold ups were still on the other side of the road lol

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The yearly checkup

Courtesy of our inbox

The yearly checkup
(in the Northern Hemisphere)

After putting him through his regular check-up, the doctor said to George, his elderly patient

You appear to be in good health for your age.
Do you have any medical concerns you would like to ask me about?

In fact, I do, said George.

After I have sex with my wife,
I am usually hot and sweaty and then,
after I have it with her the second time,
I am usually cold and chilly.

The doctor was a little puzzled by this information,
so, after examining George's equally elderly wife Edna,
the doctor said

Everything appears to be fine.

Do you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with me?

Edna replied that she had no questions or worries.

The doctor then said to her

Your husband had an unusual concern.

He claims that he is usually hot and sweaty after having sex with you the first time
and then cold and chilly after the second time.

Have you any idea why this should be?

Oh the silly old b…..r, she replied.

That's because the first time is usually in July
and the second time is in December!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Reflections

Down at the park the other day
I noticed some of the ducks swimming my way
I noticed the relections in the water but also
wondered if this is what they were saying
as they paddled towards me

please click to enlarge
Oh goody, someones coming our way!!

Wonder if theres anything to eat ??

 No - Not a thing - come on lets go!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday - aka A Walk in the Park

It was such a beautiful morning today and
after all the hot humid days of last week
it was so nice for it to be just sunny and dry and not too cloudy 

I diverted from my planned walking the streets
to wander round the little park
close to home

Starting at the rotunda I made my way up one of the tracks
please click on these photos to enlarge and get a better view
past one of the picnic benches

and walked further on up one of the windy paths
past lots of gums (eucalypts) and various wattles
I glanced to my right
and there they were up on the mountain
for all to see

Got to the top of the track
and had a little look around

Mainly blue skies with some cloud on the horizon
if you look closely you can see the bridge down below
the one that goes over the pond near the wetlands

Heres a better view of the bridge and the Community House nearby
Same one where I am going to the singing afternoons
also where my CWA branch meets

 I wandered over the other side of the pond
wondering where all the ducks were

Remember I showed you
last year

Nobody home 'cept for what looked like an Indian Runner
and a couple of others
See the rotunda and the children's playground across the way
We lost some of the older trees with the drought
So it looks like theres a bit of replacement greening going on here
Got to the top again
The cloud was still there
and it was starting to warm up
and get muggy

That paved circular area is for kids to play ball games
also gives parents somewhere level for little ones to ride their trikes/bikes
The Salvos use it for their 'band'
at the Christmas Carols in the Park Concert
and all the locals sit up on the grass where I was standing
After that little detour I wandered off back on to the footpath
to finish the street circuit I had planned
when I left home earlier on

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't believe everything you read !!

When you're sad and lonely
Theres always someone ready to talk to you
In the chat room lol

But are they really
who they say they are

click to enlarge 

First time meeting
I wonder if this ever happens

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Irish Medical Dictionary

I'm sure my rellies in Belfast would think this funny - but then again maybe they mayn't  lol

Irish Medical Dictionary

Artery.............................The study of paintings

Bacteria.........................Back door to cafeteria

Barium............................What doctors do when patients die

Benign............................What you be, after you be eight

Caesarean Section.........A neighborhood in Rome

Catscan.........................Searching for Kitty

Cauterize.......................Made eye contact with her

Colic...............................A sheep dog

Coma.............................A punctuation mark

Dilate..............................To live long

Enema...........................Not a friend

Fester............................Quicker than someone else

Fibula............................A small lie

Impotent.........................Distinguished, well known

Labour Pain...................Getting hurt at work

Medical Staff..................A Doctor's cane

Morbid............................A higher offer

Nitrates..........................Cheaper than day rates

Node...............................I knew it

Outpatient......................A person who has fainted

Pelvis.............................Second cousin to Elvis

Post Operative...............A letter carrier

Recovery Room.............Place to do upholstery

Rectum..........................Nearly killed him

Secretion.......................Hiding something

Seizure..........................Roman emperor

Tablet.............................A small table

Terminal Illness.............Getting sick at the airport

Tumor...........................One plus one more

Urine.............................Opposite of you're out

Yes I know its a groaner

I was telling the truth

A couple of friends of mine rang today and asked me if I was making the previous post up - nobody would talk about mass murders when advertising their B&B even if they did take place down the road a bit

Sorry to disappoint them but that really did come from a website advertising the virtues of a B&B in cottages attached to a lighthouse in the Corner Brook area of Newfoundland.

I did remove the name of the Inn and won't give it to you (might by email)'cose it could be a very nice place to visit but I can assure you all the words in italics came from that one advertisment.  They are all to do with the same establishment which as I say could be very comfortable and good value, I just found it amusing they would present such macabre facts to try and drum up business.

Long way to go till we arrive there in September - lots of planning ahead (and saving)

Going to be an interesting trip

I have been starting to look around tourism sites for bits and pieces on the trip we are taking to Newfoundland when we are visiting family in Nova Scotia later in the year - we most likely will stay in B & B's overnight along the way.  Now advertising to attract visitors can be very flowery and you have to have an open mind and read between the lines sometimes to envisage what is actually there but also not to overlook very nice and interesting accomodation. 

(This is all tongue in cheek but also my initial reaction)

To begin with I thought this one sounded quite nice; 

'Newfoundland's unique island bed and breakfast experience in a restored lightkeeper's home on the shores of Iceberg Alley, the best location and longest season in Newfoundland for iceberg viewing. As you drift off to sleep in our well-appointed bed and breakfast let the powerful North Atlantic surf remind you of the hardiness of the generations of lightkeepers who have lived in this isolated corner of the globe where nature remains untamed.

At dawn, as you stroll before our hearty breakfast, be sure to introduce yourself to your only neighbors - the whales migrating past the doorstep of the inn.

My interest was sparked as it talked about icebergs and surf and the whales. Then I noticed mention of taking a dawn walk - don't think so - I' m on holiday in the North Atlantic Ocean (not the tropics) in September and unless the weather is up in the 30cs /high 80fs I don't walk anywhere at dawn lol

The description then waxes lyrical about a deserted island with a lovely walk to a fishing village - sounds great doesn't it - but read what comes next -

Our B&B is located at the northernmost point in Newfoundland overlooking the Viking site of L'Anse aux Meadows. Our 7 km long deserted island has a beautiful hike to an abandoned fishing village where a mass murder and suicide became the basis for the remarkable book - Curse of the Red Cross Ring”.

I've read about shipwreck coasts and villagers luring ships onto rocks so they can get to cargoes but this one is a new one - lol its a crime scene - mass murder and suicide took place there - no wonder its abandoned lol

Take time also to walk the cliffs to the unexcavated ancient sod huts where the remains of an ancient culture are left undisturbed.

Why go along the cliff face risking life and limb if the the old huts aren't visible and you have to use your imagination on what's buried also no information on what ancient culture

We offer ten rooms in two houses at the base of an operating lighthouse. A romantic spot for your honeymoon or to renew a special relationship. The inn was restored by us (Linkum Tours) in 1998 and this year it is joined by our newest restored lighthouse inn located at Cape Anguille, near the Marine Atlantic ferry terminal at Port aux Basques, NL.'

I'm wondering how much light there would be coming in your bedroom window if you are sleeping at the base of a working lighthouse - imagine big bright light going round and round - not quite what you'd want on a romantic weekend lol

Just a common or garden room for the night will be ok for me with no dead bodies down the end of the yard thanks

Monday, February 15, 2010

It is from little things that big things grow

You know how when you are trying to find a solution to one problem
and then one thing leads to another
well, I have now found a great solution
 to one of my ongoing problems

Its a way to use up
a whole lot of those small balls of wool/yarn
left over from various garments.

- that time wasting pastime we all seem to take part in - 
led me to a page on
and a way to empty some of the baskets of said wool in the garage.

They are asking for knitted squares, just medium sized ones 20cm square, which they will then sew into blankets for a project started last year (2009)
This is the opening blurb on one of the pages:
Just by knitting a 20cm square you can help to save a life. Get your friends and loved ones in on it too and help us piece together warm blankets for children in countries that need a helping hand. A 20cm knitted square is all we ask.

Lots of charities ask for knitted goods to be distributed worldwide
this one is focusing specifically on babies
which is a cause close to my heart

There is even a blog
so you can learn more about the project
and keep up to date with whats going on
and organised events

So come on all you Aussies
that have some spare wool
(and they do ask for wool as opposed to synthetics)
pick up the knitting needles
get involved and give to these little ones

Todays Flowers - Feb 2010

aka Lily of the Nile

This has to be one of the most common plants in our neighbourhood
They enjoy our climate and thirve well no matter where they are planted
The can stand alone as a feature or grow happily in a border with other plants
or just fill in an odd corner 

Mostly they grow on long tall stems making them tower over other plants
but there are also smaller shorter varietes
- minatures -
which will happily grow in a pot as well as thegarden

Look at those lovely flowers
so many individual ones making up the big mop head

click on photos to enlarge them

The big round heads of colour stand out - often they are the pale blue or white
but there is a really dark one available now
A plant thats cheap to keep - once you've got it you will always have it
Easyish to divide - once you get the clump out of the ground lol
Move the strappy leaves to one side and chop the clump in half

Just one thing to remember
Once they finish flowering and the petals have dropped
please remove the heads of seeds

Can't allow them to become weeds
which is certainly happening in some bushland areas 

For more of todays Flowers

Dawn in a small village

Do pop over and visit John at his blog called Going Gently - todays posting had me in stitches:)

He writes of his life in a small welsh village called Trelawnyd - warts and all  lol

While you are there do watch the little video taken very early in the morning in his village - and please remember to put your sound on

You'll realise why when you listen - the Dawn Chorus is alive and well

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

Did you know this?
Its older than we think

Saint Valentine's Day.
commonly shortened to Valentine's Day,
is an annual holiday held on February 14
celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.
The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD.
It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines").
The holiday first became associated with romantic love
in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages,
when the tradition of courtly love flourished

Thats what I found out at Wikipedia

No,  my Valentine isn't as romantic as that
He isn't one for flowers or surprises 
He's just nice and strong and comforting

August 1960

He's been around a long time
and still fills my heart with joy
(well most of the time)

December 2009

Of course I'll be your Valentine
( if you bring chocolates lol )

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wish I hadn't said that

There was an occasion the other day when I regretted saying something not long after I'd opened my mouth.  It wasn't anything earthshattering or of real importance but after I'd spoken I really wished I hadn't revealed what I did.

Wednesday is the only day of the week I have to myself - Dh and I have various interests away from the house so may not be at home at the same time; there are days when we are like ships that pass in the night catching a glimpse of each other now and again but always home together by about 5pm.  Theres only the one day that I don't have anything planned which means I have the whole day to myself 'cose he'll be on the golf course from 10am till 4pm.  I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want. 

I usually spend most of these Wednesdays at home fiddling around - could be computing , could be gardening, could be crafting, could be window shopping at the local shopping centre - (and theres the occasional time doing housework - but we cant use precious time doing that can we  lol)  so as strange as it may be to some I don't welcome company that day - its my day and I don't want to be bothered with door to door salesman or the 'niceties of visitors' and entertaining.  Oh for the days of calling cards and being able to 'not be at home'

Nothing unusual in that - or at least I didn't think so - but theres more.

We live in the suburbs with houses all around us, theres plenty of roadway by our nature stip available for parking and a made footpath goes along the front of the house, our house is fairly small which means I can see outside the front of the house from the kitchen through the big picture window in the lounge so know if anyone is coming down the drive and making their way to the front door. 

Now for the reveal - if I'm indoors and in the Greta Garbo mood (I want to be alone) I lock the doors and don't answer the door bell or the phone (answering machines are the way to go and can be interrupted once I've vetted the call) - I've even been known to move quickly from one room to another so I can't be seen and stand there till the person has gone away.

If its family.........and yes in the past I've ignored them at times.......... but they usually ring so I do know when they are coming lol..............they think I've gone for a walk or walked to the shops (the car is in the drive) so I don't feel too bad about it and if they get really insistent I do open up after a while but only to them.

SO when this person heard my disclosure she kept asking me subtle questions about my mental health - did I feel lonely or angry, and at one time even suggested I was selfish, above myself and deceiving my husband  (go figure that one)

Do you think I'm odd, selfish, secretive deceiving or just protecting 'my day to myself'?

Any admissions from anyone else?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Noisy time in Melbourne

We certainly have had a lot of noise in the city over the past couple of days
The rain that has been forecast for what seems like ages finally arrived - and did it arrive. lol
Thunder and lightning along with torrential downpours yesterday and the day before caused terrible problems in the city and also outer areas.
There was flooding in so many places the SES were out in force, one house took a lightning strike and caught fire, the airport was out of action for hours, trains trams and buses were almost non existent as the storm very nicely arrived at 'home time' aka rush hour, my back garden was under water for hours - looked like a lake and the batteries were dead in the camera so I couldn't get a photo :(( - and Melbourne Water says all that rain hasn't done much for our storage levels.

As they say - you can read all about here:-









And the other noise - Oh yes Acaa Dacca ( AC/DC) were in town for their first concert here in many a year.  Some loved it - others weren't impressed.


The're having a night off tonight and will be back tomorrow for another concert at Docklands and then another on Monday. Not sure I'd like to live close by lol

One of our sons was/is a fan and drove us nuts with the noise that came out of his bedroom lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Music, Music, Music

Yesterday I became involved in a new programme at our local Neighbourhood House

We have a lot of what used to be called mentally disabled people now often referred to as Intellectually Disabled come (along with carers) to use the facilities, mainly in the gardening and craft area, they love being able to have a day away from their 'homes' meeting with others, doing things which might not otherwise be available to them.   This venture is called Community Singing - anyone who likes to sing can come along and just do that - Sing. 

I always think that music in all forms is a way of making the brain work, trying to remember the words and tunes, sparking memories for alot of us as well as giving enjoyment to everyone who takes part so when a friend mentioned this I was all for it.  Not a huge number of people there, a good size actually, about equal numbers of those who could (or rather tried to) sing and those for whom it was a challenge but we had fun. 

My voice isn't quite what it used to be and it was a laugh in the beginning trying to be precise with the notes and then realising that that wasn't what it was all about, none of us were perfect and there were three guitars to make the squeaky sounds less noticeable and add to the fun.  I'll be back again next Wednesday afternoon thats for sure.

Apart from my friend Val the other faces there were 'strangers' to me - we'd arrived a little late so I just said who I was ( Cathy) sat down and joined in.  Was gathering up things at the end and one woman came up and asked if I was so and so, had lived at such an adress and had several children , yes I replied, don't you recognise me she said, well no I said, then she gave me her name. 

Oh dear, it was like being at a school reunion, she had been in the Mothers Club (like myself) at the local Primary School way way back, many years ago actually - I met her in 1972 and had been quite friendly with her (and many other mothers) for 7 years doing all the sorts of things you do when you're involved with a school - helping out in the library,  listening to reading in class and the biggy of they year putting on the school fete to hopefully raise funds - only thing was when our youngest left and went to High School I started work and lost touch with them all. 

So we laughed and spent time reminiscing - much to the delight of some of the others 'cose we talked about how things had changed locally and being more recent residents they had no idea of how things were in those days  Honestly I didn't recognise her but once I knew who she was I could see her as she was at that time.   Lots of other names kept popping into my head during the evening so I'll have questions galore for her next week

The second Tuesday night in the month is also a music night for us - Dh and I tootle along to the Folk Club for their guest artist night

We had a great time 'cose as well as some really good spot acts and a singalong,  the main attraction was  a group of singers called Saoirse - http://www.myspace.com/saoirseoz 

'Continuing to sing up a storm throughout Victoria’s festivals and music venues, Saoirse have evolved into a four piece band, embracing Irish culture from the ancient to present day. Saoirse performances offer their audience the opportunity to participate in both song and spirit, with the addition of original songs, penned by Sile Coleman. Singing in English and Irish, harmonising beautifully, Saoirse have a unique combination of voices and instruments and delight audiences wherever they perform.'

 Lots of luverly Irish singing and music to round off the second half of the night.  They will do well this year as they have a billing at the Port Fairy Festival - look at this line up of artists , it will certainly need all the long weekend to hear them all.  They will also be at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter - so much to see and do there you need a holiday to recover. 

By the By, theres one act coming to the club in April I can't wait to see - will be a fun night listening to Mama's Mountain Jug Band

Do have look at all those links and discover that music in all shapes and forms is definitely alive here in Australia.  

Skywatch Friday

It has been very hot recently
Sunny and dry with not a cloud in the sky
Heres the TV towers on the Dandenongs taken last week 
standing tall and visible for all the world to see

click on photos for a better view

This is the same place yesterday
(the roundabout at Montrose, east of Melbourne) 
big billowing clouds running the length of the hills

Late in the afternoon
it seemed as though the sun was shining up from behind and below them
so there is no detail on the mountain face

The clouds gave the impression of steam rising up from the other side lol

Those hot dry days have turned steamy and humid this week

Here are more of those lovely billowing clouds
beneath a layer of black storm clouds
Taken from my back deck waiting for a storm that never arrived

I hate the build up and then the let down
as it passes over with not a drop coming down 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watery Wednesday - Feb 2010 - 2

McCrae Beach
Mornington Penninsula

We have arrived at February - the last official month of summer
That doesn't mean to say the warm weather will disappear tho'
Going through old photos recently I came across these
taken a few years ago now
in March if I recall
This is the beach at McCrae
one of the suburbs that border Port Phillip Bay
as you make your way down the Mornington Peninsula
About an hour and a halfs drive from our house
we would go there when our children were small
and this day I had gone down with a daughter and grandchildren  

It was really quiet that day - not many beach umbrellas
so you can see the lovely sandy beach
and the view back up past Dromana to Safety Beach

These are reasonably safe beaches
and at the height of summer would be jam packed with with families

Here you see how far the tide goes out
which makes it ideal for Beach Cricket

As I said these were taken a few years ago
The little tiny girl on the right
at the back of the picture
started High School this term lol

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