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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have this thing about straight lines
I see patterns in lines
Like these wooden posts I snapped the other day
outside one of the local schools

Did you ever play the game
'Don't step on the lines'

I couldn't walk past this shot
of all these rows of tomatoes
lined up in a paddock
in Bowen, Qld

well, I was in the car when I took it
so it might look a bit fuzzy

Heres another crop nearby

Had to take a picture of this
Look at the stinger net near Dingo Beach, Qld
all those lovely lines of posts

And this beauty 
The Burdekin Bridge at Ayr, Qld
I love it

And what about this
I found these wooden posts along a water bank
at the side of Lake Mulwala, Victoria
when we were up there last November

I know - I'm daft
But thats just me
I have rounded garden beds not many straight edged borders
and can't stand to see furniture
placed flat up against a wall army fashion

What do you see

click on the photos for better views


  1. Hi Cathy, wow, you sure have a creative mind, and imaginative too, wayyyyy to go, Cathy.
    Very good perspective and depth.

    Cathy, looking at your 1st top pic and last bottom pic...next time ....this just my suggestion...try squatting or kneeling (top pic) just next to the posts,
    get the posts to look close together, then compare them with these here. Just wondering, ha ha.

    You have fun Cathy, stay young and have a pleasant weekend, G'day, Lee.

  2. great photos Cathy. In answer to your question, they did use a number of instruments in my mouth and my tooth didn't want to leave my mouth either. So it took a lot of strength and pulling and drilling from the oral surgeon to remove it. So I think that's why its so sore.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Great photos. The one I like best is the bridge, it's amazing. Thanks for your visit.

  4. thank you for leaving a nice message, come again!
    nice photos by the way

  5. From age 4 to 9 I lived in a home where several rooms had black and white lino floor tiles. Little Mickle would never ever step on the black tiles!

  6. Beautiful Photos!
    HAve a Great wk.end!

  7. Tee hee, you are funny!
    I like the bridge picture and I do see what you mean about the posts, I'm more drawn to colours rather than shapes. There is a bush out alongside the track where I walk the dog and it has the most wonderful pink berries with the brightest green leaves, it is so very striking, but I've not yet got a photo that does it justice!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  8. These photos are great. It makes me want to go look for lines and posts now!

  9. Hello Cathy,
    No I havent tryed the slipper pattern yet, but it is on my to do list.
    I will post pics as soon as I start.
    Love the photos, you do have a great eye for it.

  10. You see the World as geometry, which has its own beauty in its orderliness.

    There is a philosphical question as to whether order exists independent of a viewing mind or whether a mind impossses order on the environment in which it exists.
    (British empiricism)

    I spend years studying philosophy and worrying about such questions. The things that keep us up at night!!!

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the orderliness you see in the World is really just in your mind. I am not sure how you answer this changes your enjoyment of it. It doesn't.

    The game you mentioned about not stepping on the crack in the sidewalk . Here in Canada we chanted "Step on a crack and you will break your mother's back" To this day, I cannot step on a crack in the sidewalk intentionally.


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