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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh Weary Weary Me

Short of news this week
Its school holidays here so have been doing Grandma duties
have had one Gd at the house most of the week
and had a sleep over at another house last night

To put it mildly its been a 'bit warm' here today
Reached 35c/95f
but for some reason only known to them
the cats prefer to be outside on days like this
not inside no matter how cool it is

I went to check on them about lunchtime
and found Leroy in one of his favourite spots
sound asleep under the deck

He will be 18 in April
so I value every moment I have with him

Like so many old fellas
he tends to drop off and sleep most of the day

Normally Kiera would be with him
but today she seemed to prefer another spot
however when she found out where I was
I wasn't surprised to feel her come up behind me
True to form 
she honed in on sound asleep Leroy

'Hello what you up to'

'Not a lot
Go away I need to snooze'

Late afternoon I found her on my comfy chair
oblivious to the world around her
This is my bogan/redneck contribution to our lifestyle

Its an old comfy armchair I kept when we got a new suite
It stays on the deck
and is so comfy - just right for a grandma to sit in and knit

down behind the chair in a shady spot
is the old fella himself
doing what comes naturally to him

an hour later he'd moved a short distance to another spot

Kiera really wanted to get on the bed with him
but like a lot of bed partners
he seemed to be hogging it all 

Now if you enlarge this last photo
you will see he wasn't asleep at all
he's lying there with his eyes open

Not sure what the thoughts were going through his mind tho'

maybe something along the lines of
they'd better clear all that wood out from under there
Its a mess


  1. Great pictures and post of your 4-legged family members!! Even though we have dogs, cats were and will always be my "first love!" :-))

  2. What lovely photos and handsome cats !

  3. Love the pictures of your kitties, my old guy of 15 left us this summer. I have found out that I am allergic to cats, so, I will make do with my canine friends.

  4. Sweet photos of the two cats, Cathy. Can't even imagine what it's like to be in lovely warm sunshine at the moment. It's minus 3 here, and snow and ice on the ground!

  5. Please sent your hot temps our way!We have Ice and snow 9f tonight.
    A beautiful cat. He has the right idea for a hot day! lol

  6. So enjoyed the photos of your lovely cats. Ah, to be able to stretch out and relax almost anywhere and sleep.

  7. What beautiful cats - I love burmese. My Zebbycat is currently sleeping under his quilt on the bed as is only 14C, pouring with rain and very windy.

    Zebby is a "mixed breed domestic shorthair" however the vet confirmed my suspicions that he is likely part burmese from his head and chest shape - he's got the the laidback, super affectionate part too.

    Try to keep cool,

    Michelle xxx

  8. I had no idea a cat could live until 18 years old. Lovely animals, they look so happy and content.

  9. Hello everyone
    With the heat we've had today both the cats have been seeking cool places again.
    Burmese cats are reputed to have long lives, they are the best family cat I know of - even think they are a dog at times. can be trained to walk on a lead and retrieve.
    I used to breed them so I'm sort of biased lol


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