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Monday, January 25, 2010

Just one of those moments

Have you ever had one of those 'Oh Dear' moments.  My most recent one was today.

But I need to go back a bit..............about 3 years when Dh decided he would buy one of those big TV/monitors.  A television that could be used as a computer monitor.

Moved the resident whopper of a monitor that took up so much room on the desk out to the garage and put the new one in its place. 

He thought it great - as there is a sofa bed/couch there he could watch tv or dvds in the back bedroom (laughing called the office 'cose thats where the computer is) in comfort.  Meant he didn't have to sit on the bed in our bedroom trying to see the tiny portable one on the other side of the room - my usual hidy hole when he watches soccer or a crime series. 

Then early last year he was down at 'his man's place' and for some reason came home with a flat screen monitor which was put in place where the tv/monitor was - so that was moved to the bedroom and the tiny portable found its way into the garage - to join all the other surplus electronic stuff out there.

Last week he decides he's fed up having to sit at the desk to watch all the series he downloads on the lcd monitor - 'cose he can't see the screen from the couch - so the tv/monitor comes out of the bedroom and moves back down the hall to the 'office'.

Recently neither of us have been sleeping well so I knew it was time for the bed routine - strip it all off and vacuum - then turn over and redress - the mattress that is. 

With having the windows open a lot of the time everything gets dusty and needs a deep clean so with fine warm weather forecast thats what happened on Saturday, with sheets blankets and underblanket on the line I took the nets down and washed them and cleaned the windows as well.

Both of us slept like a baby that night, woke feeling great so attacked the kitchen and laundry windows yesterday and did the same to the lounge room ones today.  Our windows don't really get dirty but my goodness it certainly made a difference when they were sparkly clean - I've always used mum's old recipe of hot water plus a splash of vinegar and a drop of liquid detergent to wash windows using newspaper to dry and it always works for me. Luckily we have a single story house so I can easily (with the help of a small ladder) manage the outside as well as the inside.

Late this afternoon I decided to bring the portable TV in from the garage and place it back in our bedroom.  I was eager to see whether the picture would be any better as we had a new digital rooftop aerial put up last year with points in most rooms and it would mean there wouldn't be any need the rabbits ears sticking out the top - plugged the aerial in the hole in the back, plugged the power cord into the socket in the wall and then looked for the remote control.

Not in the box in the garage with all the other miscellaneous cords and other stuff that doesn't have a home or a gadget to turn on.  Looked on all the shelves and rummaged through Dh tools and jars of nails and screws and then stopped - in my minds eye I replayed a scene from after we got home last September and gave the garage a clean up.

Whats this remote for?
Don't know - is there brand name on it?
Must be for something we've got rid of  - chuck it then

And into the bin it went.

OH DEAR - deary deary me what ever did I do

It won't be of any use up at the landfill in Coldstream but it certainly could be of some use in my bedroom if I'm watching TV on a cold night and have to get out of bed as in days of old to turn the b..........thing off lol


  1. Hmmm...think I will stick to the regular sized tv in the bedroom that I watch while my husband watches his sports, military stuff, history stuff, etc.,etc.in the living room! Haven't dared to try a bigger sized tv! And what would I do if I had to get out of nice warm bed to change the channel?! What did we do back then when we had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel or adjust the rabbit ears??

  2. All is not lost. You can buy a universal remote. They are not too expensive, I have seen some as little as $20.00. You then program them to work on your tv. An easy thing, even I was able to do it.
    No getting out of bed.

  3. oh the joys of a universal remote..........at least all is not lost...

    Gill in Canada

  4. Hi Cathy! I love having clean windows and cleaning all the bedding always makes me sleep better too!!

    As far as the remote, I've done the same thing you did--Even if I'd kept a remote, I'd forget where it was when I wanted it and then it wouldn't do me any good! But even so, I know we still have a remote for a tv we don't even have...It's a tough decision! :-))

    By the way, you asked about Tanner's vision--He is blind in the one eye that we did the treatment for. The eye condition that he has is chronic and we're trying to keep his other eye healthy to keep glaucoma from occurring.

  5. We remodeled this summer and lost the remote,still haven't found it ,so went with a universal Remote.lol
    HAve agreat day!

  6. Boy, can I relate...lol! We do not have a television in the bedroom. DH does not like TV in the bedroom. We do have one of those flat TV's in the living room. I am thinking of hiding the remote though...just so the guys won't be able to watch their shows. I am tired of drag racing, car auctions, etc. Think they would know I did it??? M


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