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Monday, January 11, 2010

Heed the Warnings

Another very hot day coming up today, 43c/ about 110f
where I live and going
higher the further north in the state you go.

We are right in the middle of the bush fire season
and even tho'any of us live in the suburbs
we must be sensible and as well as staying cool and hydrated
make sure our properties are clear of loose fuel
and the gutters on the house cleaned out regularly

Victoria has a state wide fire ban today,
normally only certain areas would have this in place
but today its going to be hot all over.
The Wimmera an area in the west of Victoria has been declared
a catastrophic area

'Fire authorities say the combination of the forecast extreme heat, strong winds and possible thunderstorms make today's conditions the worst fire conditions in the south-east of the country since the devastating Black Saturday fires last February.

Catastrophic fire warnings are in place in parts of Victoria and South Australia, with residents in both states being warned to activate their bushfire survival plans.

A code red catastrophic warning is in force in the Wimmera region in western Victoria, including the towns of Horsham, Stawell and Halls Gap, and forecasters say the mercury could reach 45 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today.

In South Australia, catastrophic warnings are in place for the Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Lower Eyre Peninsula, West Coast, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Murraylands, Upper South East, Lower South East, Kangaroo Island and the Mount Lofty Ranges.'

This is a link to the CFA's explanation of the system and warnings

There have already been major fires in most of our states
and today is one when more could start.
Poor South Australia, who have already had several awful over 40c days have more forecast.
They are the driest state in the worlds’ driest continent and cop it hard most summers.

So after having the windows open last night for the cool breeze
never thought I'd say 18c was cool
its all closed up now ready for another hot hot day

I've given lots of links that may be of interest to some of you


  1. Hard to think about such heat when we're in the middle of a deep-freeze where I am!! Just as I'm staying warm, I'll tell you to "stay cool!" and I hope there are no fires in your dry season!

  2. Oh Cathy - the 6.00pm news showed the heat shimmer in parts of Victoria and told us that Melbourne got to 44C.

    Across the ditch Wellington struggled to 16C. Zebbycat has retreated under his quilt yet again.

    If only we could dump the UK and Europe snow on you to cool every being down and reduce the fire risk.

  3. I wish I had seen the heat shimmer, interesting.

    I just put my head in the sand today. I heard the warnings for tomorrow and was concerned though.

    I heard no fire sirens today so that was good.

  4. Quite a contrast to our 20 degree temperature today along with deep snow! I do hope all is safe with you and there are no fires.

  5. Yesterday we smelt smoke and hit the panic button, but thank godness it wasnt a bush fire. It was the steggles chicken factory. Still bad but it was controlled and put out rather quickly.
    Another hot one today so, fingers crossed all goes well. stay safe!

  6. Hello everyone
    Thanks for your concern - yes several days at that temp is not pleasant. Thankfully a cool change appeared and brought some heavy rain with it. The temps dropped considerably as well


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