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Monday, January 18, 2010

Can't stay long

Oh the joys of a tempermental computer - we are finally online again.
Meant a trip to 'his man' and an open wallet - also involved purchasing a new modem as well 'sigh'
Will be back another day
ps this time last week we were sweltering, today has been quite cold with torrential rain.  Only reached 19c/66f with hail mixed in with the pouring rain.  Melbourne is renowned for its ability to have four seasons in one day - today I think it forgot which season it actually is lol


  1. Computer problems are right up there with car problems in my book! And I know they can be just as tricky and just as expensive sometimes! I hope you're able to get everything solved!

    I didn't know that your weather would had such drastic changes!

  2. Good to se it was the computer that had the infection and not you. I misunderstood.

  3. and I thought it was just here in Canada, where we could have all four seasons in one day, guess not!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. G'day Cathy, how you doin'? Reading your mention of 19c is cold, couldn't help smiling.
    Here it's Mini skirt weather, ha ha.
    When its -5'c its "a bit chilly".

    At -10c, its "cold"!
    At -26'c? It's Holy Smoke!
    Yes, we get up to -31'c with the windchill, and we learn the meaning of a Canadian Winter, ha ha.

    But its beautiful as we do get very Sunny, cloudless, blue sky days even though its -15'c, can still get sunburnt too.

    Australia is one country I wish to visit one of these days and take the Gann across to Alice Springs.
    Read the book, A Town like Alice" few times, of the romance between an Aussie soldier and an English lady in Malaya during the 2nd WW.
    And have always wanted to go see 'Alice', ha ha.

    Love Crocodile Dundee!
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart. Drop by anytime, best regards, Lee.

  5. Four seasons in one day?? Wow, that must be something!


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