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Friday, January 15, 2010

Another old-timer

The other day I mentioned that Leroy
our chocolate Burmese is nearly 18yrs old

Just by coincidence I came across this photo yesterday
Taken in 1984
- its me in a dress -
don't wear them very often these days
(lack of a waist is a terrible thing)
with my lucky black cat called Kitchy

Kitchy had the softest fur coat
and the most gorgeous tail
long and fluffy

His mother was a brown Burmese who escaped while on call
- and his father -
only his mum knew who that was lol

Supposedly a pet of one of our girls
He was my shadow
He would sit on the side of the bath, keeping me company
splashing away with his paw
fun till the day he thought he'd try to sit on my boobs
and promptly slipped and fell in the water

He was one of those cats who would sit outside the toilet door
waiting for me to finish
even scratched on said door wanting to be let in
and would even try to jump onto my lap whilst I was 'doing my business' lol
Sang along with me - had a very good range of miaows

He was the apple of my eye for many years
and finally left us in December 1989
aged 16yrs


  1. Our pet truly are a part of our family. My current cat, Sabastian, is a hymalayan. And he act just as your kitchy did. He will even give my husband a dirty look if he tries to sit next to me when he is with me.
    So funny having these two men fight over me.
    Sabash is 11 and a half now and when he finally leaves us I will miss him greatly.

  2. I loved your story. Pets are pricelsss aren't they? My little dog follows me whenever I go to the bathroom and sits right outside the door! Sometimes in he strolls! He acts just like my three children did when they were little, I would get into the tub or shower and one would show up! Now its the dog!


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