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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A visit to the flea pit - a rather nice one tho'

You know how sometimes things get put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten only to be found quite a while later.

Well, the other day we found one of last years Christmas presents (2009) tucked behind something on the notice board in the  laundry

Yes, theres that much stuff pinned on the the board its not the first time important things have been overlooked and forgotten:(

It was a really nice surprise that was unearthed:)

The gift was  Gold Class Movie tickets - nothing to be sneezed at.  Just think - I nearly lost the chance to watch a film sitting in a luxury recliner with food and drink served at your chair because of a lack of drawing pins lol

Today we took advantage of that gift - had a lovely day out and were entertained at the same time.

So after making sure they were still valid and booking our seats ( theres only 18 seats in the theatrettes) we took the train to the City and went to the cinema in the Crown Casino.  The complex out our way had only 3 films available and there was about eight to choose from in the city.

So what did we choose to see - The Kings Speech

A film thats going to be big time, one that has been shown at many film Festivals this year, won awards already and has only just gone on general release.  In fact I don't think it's even been released in the UK yet.

I thoroughly enjoyed it - not because I remember being told of King George's speech problem when I was a child but because I enjoyed the acting and the whole feel of the film.  A 'nice' film - no violence no nudity a bit of foul language but in context and lots of wondering if thats the way it really was.

Heres a link to the official site - http://www.kingsspeech.com/

And heres a review from an Australian newspaper
Go and see it even if you aren't a monarchist.  I would willingly see it again

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We tried - honestly, we did

We tried - honestly we did
It's sort of an unknown fact
that along with the Melbourne Cup
it's your national duty
for you to listen or watch the cricket
especially the Boxing Day Test

The time between Christmas and New Year
is when we rest and relax
For the majority its time to unwind
before the hassles of the next year begin

For our Test cricketers its business as usual
Some may say it's been a busy year for them
This schedule shows they started the year in Pakistan
and then travelled the world plying their trade
against England (aka The Poms) here in Austalia

Our national team has been trying their best to win them back
but it really hasn't gone the way they hoped

As I say
We tried - honestly, we did
and don't take me as a bad loser
(even tho' we haven't really lost yet)
but it just became an embarrassment

Yesterday we turned the tv off 
fed up with watching all those strange
very noisy (barmy) white skined supporters
who are gradually turning pink with sunburn
from all the time they are spending in the sun
yelling and singing 
just like they are at a soccer match 
(and whoever gave that man a trumpet needs to be shot)

Runs weren't scored - wickets fell - there was a run out
England now need to take 3 wickets
and they have retained the Ashes

To clear our mind of all those problems
we went for a drive up into the nearby hills

The weather was great
The afternoon out involved some walking
Down broad paths in the forest
and up rough steps near our goal
Water was involved
but I'll leave that for another day lol

Watery views

Like I was telling you recently (and just about every other Aussie Blogger has been saying so as well) here in Australia we've had an awful lot of water falling from the sky.  Ours has been coming down in great big wet drops, splashing on the ground and laying around, unlike the stuff in the Northern Hemisphere where it's coming down as fluffy white bits landing softly and also laying around.  Up there and down here it has got beyond a joke and is causing all sorts of problems.  Floods for us - Snowstorms for them – it almost seems as tho' someone has had it in for all of us lol

Anyway, not content with seeing it coming down from the sky for goodness knows how long Dh has been treating me to day trips to see it from a different angle.  Before Christmas we had that day down at the beach and down at the cape- then Christmas Day he took me out to see a small waterfall in our Yarra Ranges National Park close to Healesville. 

I did show you some of this in an earlier post - see here
hopefully you won't feel cheated and that this post will be as interesting as the previous one

To actually get to the National Park gates we had to cross a ford on Donnelly Creek - and because of all the rain we've had there was a fair bit of water laying there.

Its a funny feeling when you are approaching a ford
and wondering what you are going to find.
Wondering how much water there is there and how deep its going to be
Maybe I'll be able to judge more easily if I get a bit closer
And then the relief that the car doesn't have a problem as you are travelling through it
Now we come to the actual Weir itself
This photo of Donnelly Weir taken in 2007
We were in drought at the time so there wasn't much water going over it

And heres what it looked like on Christmas Day
All this area was burnt out during the Black Saturday Bushfires February 2009
but has made remarkable regrowth helped along by all the rain we've had this year

If you look at this website
  You will see more photos of the area in drier times

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What goes down often comes back up again

Strange title
Bet you are wondering what I'm on about lol

Thought you'd like to see a series of photos taken the day we went to Cape Schank
The cost of a Lighthouse tour was a bit prohibitive for all of us
so we chose to walk down the boardwalk
and look at the tip of the Cape and Pulpit Rock from the beach

So here we are about to begin our decent 
See the black line - it shows where we had to walk
Click the photo and enlarge to follow us
all the way to the rocks below
Half way down and theres the Lighthouse up on the hill
with the rocky coast below
Made it to the bottom
and theres Pulpit Rock round the corner
It was too slippery to walk all the way round
What comes in
Usually goes out
 Now for hard part - going back up
I can tell you that the last set of steps
back up to the top was a killer
We are planning to go back down again
this summer if the weather is good

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day thoughts

As I was clearing up the casual outdoor crockery I thought how pleased I was we had decided on a very simple meal instead of some of the extravaganzas I’ve done in the past. It had been so lovely to see some of our children on Christmas Day - we spoke to some on the phone and had visits from the others.  The family who were away even changed their plans and drove home for a short while so they could be with us, which made it even more special. 

This years decision for a simple Christmas also meant there was only one tree in the house and not the several others (including a big 7ft one in the lounge) that I often put round the house – ‘cose the grandchildren love to se them.  What was special was the fact that grandchildren didn’t notice I forgot to put a star on top of that small tree in the hallway lol

How I love receiving surprise gifts like this big bundle of fresh veggies
 and the tomatoes from a home garden

How I love those spur of the moment decisions to do something, When they had all gone and we’d eaten lunch we decided to take a drive – I had no idea where we were going ‘cept it was near Healesville – about half an hour away - off the main highway and down some small roads – into the forest and over a ford.

We ended up at Donnelly Weir –
 a good choice, as you all know how much I love fresh air sunshine and water.  

We had a good stroll along one of the trails seeing how much it has recovered since the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009

And how I love the fact that now the drought has come to an end and we have had rain there are loads of wildflowers in bloom
Like this Fringe Lily

All photos will enlarge
click and then click again

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Day out down by the beach

The weather man seems to be getting it right this week
and I'm pleased about that
Fine dry days - a bit blowy but basically good

Just as well because we'd sort of promised
one of our families who'd gone away for the week
we'd pop down to where they were and see them
because they won't be home for Christmas Day

They had taken a week at a resort just over an hours drive from home
Yes, we will go away that close to home
if the accomodation is down by the beach lol

So yesterday (Thursday) Dh and I
popped all their pressies into the car
and made the long journey
way down to the Mornington Peninsula

We met up with them at Rosebud 
and walked out along the very windy Jetty
Looked out over the water and back to land
Remembering times gone by
when we would bring the children down for the day
Then we made our way down to Cape Schank
to see the Lighthouse
We saw the  rugged coastline
Took a walk along a boardwalk - up and down many steps 
and came face to face with the stony beach down below
I'll fill you in on our day out over the next few posts

Still kids at heart

Three of my oldest grandchildren are maturing so quickly
At 17, 16 and 15 they are all finding their ways at school
as well as out in the community
They are fast becoming
the young men and women of tomorrow
They love the life they are living

Happily there's one thing I'm glad they haven't forgotten
and thats to have fun

We were lucky to have a clear day earlier in the month
for some of us to have a pre Christmas get together
at son no2's new home  

And once again I sat and watched them wondering 
if these times are when the idea of pecking order
or fathoming out the strategies of life is worked out

Using the inground trampoline to jump over a rope
their age often means they can 'con' (persuade)
two of the younger ones
to hold the rope 

but its fend for yourself when it comes to another game

One of the younger cousins has the height
to muck in with the older ones
but our little 13yr old shorter one in the pale top
just tags along watching whats going on
hoping for a go

Now give her the chance to go an a 5 km hike
and she'll be first in line
I wonder if she's going to be the thinking one

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wonder where they come up with these things

More goodies from my Inbox - not sure how they could have got that email address 'cose it was raised specifically for this blog

Anyway this first one is one of those spiffing thingies - but is just too funny.  I read it and burst out laughing - of course if I was dead I wouldn't have known all about it lol  Not sure where the pictures got to either.


My name is Mrs. Rose Edward of the International Monetary Fund investigation unit.
Attached pictures was received and forwarded to our office here in London UK today 15 of DECEMBER 2010, requesting that your unclaimed fund be paid to Messes Jacobs Enterprises.

In the said letter of change of beneficiary/ownership, representatives of messes Jacobs' enterprises states that you are dead and as such your fund should be paid to him as the next of kin to you.

Because of the elaborate global scam, we decided to contact you for confirmation.

If after two working days, no response is received from you, it will be assumed that you are dead and as such authorisation and approval will be granted on behalf of Messer's Jacobs Enterprises to claim/receive your fund.

Confirm this pictures and reconfirm your Information to me the Followings.

(1) Your full name.

(2) Phone, fax and mobile #.

3) company's name, position and address.

4) Profession, age and marital status.

5) Copy of int'l passport or any scanned identity to prove yourself.

And how you want your fund paid to you without further delay if you are still alive.

Send your response to my email address: mrsroseedward51@kimo.com


Mrs. Rose Edward

Now this one that seems to hail from a different country

From Miss sandra williams

Dearest one,

My name is Miss Sandra Williams. I hail from Monrovia, Liberia, I and my younger brother Jeff are the only surviving children of our late parents Mr. and Mrs. Richard williams. Our father was a highly reputable and successful Gold dealer before he was killed during the war in my country.

We re-located to Cote d'Ivoire under political asylum as refugees from Liberia, our mother died on the 12th of Feb 2009. Before my mother died, she gave me the documents of the fund my late father deposited in a security company here in Abidjan. She told me that the box content's the sum of US $18.5m (Eighteen million five hundred thousand USD) and was deposited as Family Gold for security reasons. We need your assistance to claim this deposit out from the security company. This fund was deposited in a security company here in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire and my name was written and signed as the next of kin to this deposit.

We want you to assist us in retrieving this deposit out from the security company as the beneficiary of the deposit, and also assist us to invest these fund in any country of your choice under your care.

Now permit me to ask these few questions:-

1. Can you honestly help us with fear of God?

2. Can we completely trust you?

3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your account?

Please, Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible,Once the fund transfers to you we will come over to your country on investment negotiation.

Thank you so much and God bless.

Sincerely, Sandra Williams.

I can laugh and brush these aside but of course the sad thing is that so many desperate people have been taken in and provided all the asked for information

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joke - warning - Adult bit blue

Many of you overseas blog readers trying to cope with nasty winters will have seen we are nearly at the end of the first month of Summer here in Australia


I'm sure you will aso have read on various blogs that whereas it should be lovely and sunny and warm here in Melbourne - and all over Australia as well - It is freezing cold

So much so I've had the heating on.  There has been snow up in the High Country (just 2 hours away from me) -its usually reserved for the winter months but this year decided to make an appearance last week.

Edited to add:
Snow at Buller
Snow at Hotham

I think all our states and territories have had flooding because it keeps pouring with rain.  Not gentle rain but torrential storms that have caused havoc all over the place.  We were warned about La Nina earlier in the year, see  here and here and here


I needed something to make me laugh and when this appeared in our Inbox I knew you wouldn't mind me sharing it with you

(see warning above)

Little Johnny Strikes Again...

The teacher asked the class to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence.

Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating.."

The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word fascinate, not fascinating."

Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Rock City , and I was fascinated."

The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate."

Little Johnny raised his hand.

The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before.

She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate,"  so she called on him for his offering..

Johnny said, "My Aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons

but her t***s are so big

she can only fasten eight."

The teacher sat down and cried.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Self service

A chance remark in an email from Annie sent me looking for these photos I took in Newfoundland
We had stayed the night near Springdale at Hull's Riverview Bed and Breakfast
a lovely place that seemed to be miles from anywhere 
but in fact was only a couple of minutes off the Tran Canada Highway
and were almost ready to leave when I saw this bird on the feeder outside the front window

Stella told me it was a Female Hairy Woodpecker - I do hope I've rememberd that correctly
We don't have them (Woodpeckers) in Australia so out came my little camera

Theres the car waiting out the front but I was in a world of my own
Totally mesmerised by a bird I'd never seen before
It wasn't in the least bit bothered by me jockeying for a good position at the window
and just went about its business of trying to get to the food

Hope you enjoy watching it - the same as I did

all photos enlarge
click and then click again

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