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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watery Wednesday

Masked Lapwings
on Queens Beach
Bowen, Far North Queensland

Back in August this year we spent some time in Far North Queensland
Walking this lovely beach at least once day
 meant we came in contact with various birds
many of which 'cose I live in the suburbs
I'd never seen before

The Masked Lapwing
aka as Plovers
were some that were new to me

I'd seen some on grassland close by earlier in the day
but was surprised to see this little group
who were actually in the water late one afternoon
and as usual I tried to put words into their mouths lol

click on the photos for a better view
'Where do you think our fine feathered friend is going?'
'Don't know but he'd better watch out'

'Dare devil that he is, he'll get washed away if he's not careful'

'Its getting a bit cold and wet in here, reckon we'll leave him to it'

'Come on then, race you home, I fancy a nice cup of tea'

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  1. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a Great day!

  2. Cute...very cute! Speaking of tea...

  3. looks like they had a wonderful day at the beach before heading home for that cuppa tea. LOL I loved it!

  4. Hi Cathy

    Glad you are enjoying the wildlife. It seems we humans are destroying their habitat slowly but surely but these ones look just fine.

  5. Great shots, they do look like they are wearing a mask.

  6. Nice photos and story. No tea for me I'd rather head for the tee

  7. Speaking of water, I was over at Gill's blog. Here is a competition place I have had luck with.


  8. Nothing like walking on the beach is there Cathy? You've taken some lovely photos.

  9. Cool birds, the Masked Lapwings. Great shots for Watery Wednesday.

  10. I love the way you put the words to the pictures, too funny! hehe They actually did look like they were saying that! lol I love seeing different varieties of birds we don't get here. xox

  11. Enjoyed your comments as well as the photos! The waves are gorgeous rolling in along the shoreline.

  12. Loved these photographs Cathy! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Pretty shots Cathy. Happy watery Wednesday.

  14. I get excited when I see birds like that. You took good photos.


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