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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stress reliever

When in doubt
(or stressed)
pick flowers and bring inside

My Gardenia Radicans is flowering
and they are such sweet clean looking flowers
with such a strong perfume

I make sure there is always at least one bloom
in the little vase on the kitchen windowsill

The perfume floats through the house
bringing the outside inside

This past weekend I've had to deal with very mixed feelings
knowing my eldest son
was waiting for a biopsy report
(to do with a man's disease)

I have never entertained the idea that one of my children
could become seriously ill
sick enough to maybe die

When he told me he had to have this biopsy
I became quite confused
and literally wandered round in circles

He is only 47 and to me is still my tiny firstborn
with all his life in front of him

Now the result is in -all is well
Nothing nasty found
So how do I get rid of this guilty feeling
of asking
'Why him'

So many people have Cancer and are able to cope
yet at the first mention of the disease
I went to pieces


  1. Oh Cathy so glad your son got good news. I can't help you with your feelings because i think I would go to pieces if it were mine. My younger sister had cancer and i was strong for her but my kids no way.

  2. Cathy I am so pleased to hear the good news. I know just how you felt.

    My youngest daughter left us 20 years ago last friday. She had cancer which went un-detected until it was too late and she only lived for 8 weeks after the biopsy. She was 29, 2 children aged 9 and 4 years. Its something you never get over. I weep as I write about it.

    They have learnt so much more since then about treating this terrible disease, we can only hope that a complete cure is 'just around the corner'

  3. You are a mum, and human. Thats why you had the totally normal feelings you felt.
    I am so glad your news was good.

  4. Happy for your good news. And yes we are moms & it doesn't take much to pull on those heartstrings.


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