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Friday, December 4, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Power and Phone lines spoiling the skyline
as they weave from house to pole and across the road to pole

This is one of the problems of suburban living

Necessary if underground facilities are not an option
but a viewing nuisance just the same

Big billowing clouds in the sky first thing this morning
seen through those dratted lines across the road

click the photos to enlarge


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  1. As a fellow Australian, I also get annoyed by power lines. In the country they can be forgiven, but this is Newcastle!

  2. Wires above our head do not matter to me anymore. My eyes are used to seeing them each time I walk on the road. Besides looking up the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars; I also look up for birds swinging on these wires. There is one thing I miss though and have no luck finding them here though I can hear their raucous laughter, the Kookaburras.

    Anyway Cathy, nice meeting you and those puffy clouds are also dominating our skies on this part of our map.

    Happy SWF!

  3. Love those blue skies, and what a great looking location.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  4. Yes, power lines are a problem in suburbia in Australia but to put them underground would take up more tax dollars than I am prepared to pay!

    Good thought and photographs for SWF.

  5. I want to live off tthe grid with turbines and solar panels, but I suppose those won't look all that good either.

  6. yes it is nuissance but wait till they also do the same with phone lines too, like in america phone lines are to be above the head in the future... aside from the lines beautiful clouds formation in your photos are very attractive, we are very lucky to always have nice blue sky and clear weather.


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