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Monday, December 7, 2009

Now you see it - now you don't

A few of the comments on the last post
mentioned how organised all the Christmas stuff  looked

Go back to January this year
when I was so annoyed at the state I got myself into
trying to find various decorations for the trees in the cardboard boxes
I had used for years

When it came to put everything away 
I decided it was time to really do something about it
The result was what you saw in the photo

I felt so good about that endeavour
I got going on another chore
Sorting out our laundry

Its very small and its located just inside the back door
and tended to be a dumping ground for all and sundry
so you'd fall over all sorts of things
I wanted a solution that had things handy
but out of the way

First solution was to find a new wash basket
not wicker - been there, done that
the cats love them and they end up tearing them to pieces
I wanted one that would fit under the laundry trough
Meant it had to be plastic so it was flexible
but never mind
I finally found one that fitted

close at hand when a loads finished
and hidden when I don't need it

All the cook books
- yes contrary to popular family belief
I do have some -
lived on the book shelf in the lounge
A real pain if I wanted to find something
I persuaded Dh to put shelves up
beside the trough
Handy to the kitchen as you'll see in a minute

Then there were the bags that seemed to be everywhere

They'd hang on chairs in the kitchen
anywhere there was a spot
(even on the floor in the bedroom)
Never in the car when I wanted them lol

I discovered a couple of hooks/hangers in a box in the garage
along with a letter holder
a gift from years ago

somewhere for the string bags to hang
visible yes but thats good
'cose I now hang my keys below the letter rack
and take them and a bag or two out at the same time

I do need to find somewhere
to put all the big shopping bags tho
they lurk unseen in the boot of the car
and I am forever going back to the car to get them 'sigh' :(

You can see here how tiny the laundry is
We keep the fridge freezer in there to give us more room in the kitchen
Its only a step away
We managed to find a corner cupboard just the right size
to use for storage
but also to rest things on
going into and coming out of the fridge

I keep some of the big cooking things on it
as well as the top of the fridge

Those cupboards on the wall were made from the doors
of the original kitchen units that were in the house from 1972
Dh's not just a pretty face lol
Really handy for crockery and things not used all the time

Yes, after sorting this room out I felt good
Then fell in a heap for the rest of the year lol
BTW weekend came and went too quickly
The trees and decorations are still in the sme place they were the other day!


  1. Lovely post Cathy, you've inspired me to get more organized.

  2. That is understandable as the bushfires came then.

    It looks really nice. I don't seem to use the space under my trough, so food for thought there.


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