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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Festive December - Ready to go

Well this is the weekend for trimming the house
All the goodies have been retireved from the garage
I'm hoping the hard work
I put into labelling the boxes last January
will pay off
and the things will be
where I think they are


  1. Cathy thanks for joining this meme. It looks like fun. I hope if I am doing anything festive that I can do a post or two too.

    I like how there are always posts to read at your blog.

  2. can't wait to see all the decorations! Have a blessed weekend

  3. Looks like you are ready. How about doing my decorating for me? LOL

  4. You're so organized. Hmmm...hope you aren't starting a trend! Have fun decorating, take lots of pics! Post as needed for relief of Holiday Stress
    Dr Sandi

  5. I labeled it all last year and he year before.....I think little elves come in the night and rearrange!

  6. It appears that you are beautifully and wonderously organized. Look how neat those ornaments are. I am cringing to think about the mess mine are in -- and the snarl of tree lights? Let's don't go there, shall we?

  7. You are so organized!Can't wait to see how you dec.
    I am so far behind this yr.
    Have agreat wk.


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