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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Festive December - Decorating styles

Another meal  at the Golf Club again last Sunday
This time it was a Christmas Gathering for Dh's service mates
They'd put up some decorations
but I found them very 'modern' minimalistic
Not very interesting at all

Well I suppose they were rather nice if thats your style
but I didn't find them 'warm and inviting' at all
Very corporate

These are an example of what was around the place

Two rather undernourished reindeer

A long trailing bauble feature in gold and orange
a very snooty looking Rudolf

Meanwhile back here at the house
I finally made a start on our big tree
What with one thing and another
it took me the best part of today to get it finished

Lots of familiar ornaments and trinkets collected over the years
Some handmade - some bought
Most of my older ones go on another tree in the hallway
which hopefully will be done tomorrow

No pressies there yet - 'cose they aren't ready yet lol
They have to be sorted and wrapped
then labelled and possibly will make it under there
by December 20th when we have the BBQ   

But in the meantime I'll fill the space underneath with some wrapped boxes
That will keep any nosy parkers guessing :))

As you can see there are unbreakeable ornaments all around the bottom of the tree
I put them down there each year
Not because of any little children these days
but because of the cats lol

Oh, it can be very interesting when they see it for the first time each season
Theres a couple of those bell type ornaments and a metal Santa with a bell
right on the bottom that will hopefully give them a fright and then they'll leave it alone

I'm not nasty - just cautious -
Kiera thought she was clever one year and climbed into the tree to investigate
Got all tangled up in the lights and
Leroy thinks things are put there for him to bat around
so a sharp Ding Aling here and there
doesn't go astray

I didn't see one Father Christmas/Santa at the Golf Club
Don't know what they are missing do they
When I've finshed - there will be plenty here lol

Don't forget to click on the photos and enlarge them


  1. love your tree but didn't care much for the snooty Rudolph. LOL

  2. Ooooh I just love your tree, it's gorgeous! After I decorated my mom's tree, her cat Tiger was sniffing around it investigating the ornaments but then walked away so she figured she wouldn't have any problems with him playing with the ornaments. Wrong. lol The other morning she woke up to find a bird ornament on the floor...minus wings and tail! lol

    I'll say like you, those ornaments they put up at the Golf Club are pretty modern! Not my style either! lol xoxo

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Love your tree. I like an old fashion Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Now that's a proper tree, I agree! Lots of collected decorations from over the years. We always had to have a couple of bells at the bottom for the cat too!

  5. Sort of a token effort by the golf club isn't it? I like your tree, the cats always seem to love it as well, mine climbed up one year, and other years I usually find the odd decoration that has been hooked off for someone to roll around the floor (new toys, Mum)

  6. i like your tree Cathy... i too have cats who were good last year so i am hoping they will be good again... i love that you are having a bbq for Christmas.. so different from here in the uk where it is becoming very chilly.
    Happy december to you
    ginny x


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