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Friday, December 4, 2009

Donald Duck and Daisy

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck were spending the night together in a hotel room and Donald wanted to have sex with Daisy.

The first thing Daisy asked was, 'Do you have a condom?'

Donald frowned and said, 'No.'

Daisy told Donald that if he didn't get a condom, they could not have sex.

'Maybe they sell them at the front desk,' she suggested.

So Donald went down to the lobby and asked the hotel clerk if they had condoms.

'Yes, we do,' the clerk said and pulled a box out from under the counter and gave it to Donald.

The clerk asked, 'Would you like me to put it on your bill?

'No!' Donald quacked, ‘I'd thuffocate.’


  1. Thanks for the good belly laugh! I heard that laughing burns calories... I plan to laugh all day long!

  2. Cathy, you've quacked up for sure!

  3. ROFL now that's a good one! hehe xoxo

  4. Lol
    Hope you're doing great.

  5. hahahaha....

    Donald must have speech impediment...


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