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Monday, November 2, 2009

What does it take to make you happy

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

It’s often the little unexpected things that make me feel truly happy

Things like enough cash to pay the bills
and enough food to keep me from being hungry are a given
but I also need enough sunshine to keep my spirits up
and not send me down to an awful place I have known in the past
(sunshine and clear skies does help my mood).

Three times recently I was surprised by family
and in turn ended up feeling really happy
We have a granddaughter who lives interstate with her mother –
she doesn’t have much contact with her father (my son)
but thanks to the Internet is able to keep in touch with us.
An email arrived here after our birthdays
saying Happy Birthday to Dh and me
and also to Dad (sons birthday is also at the that time)
- mystified I looked at the properties and there was his email address -
so I was happy she was actually in contact with him.

Then a few days later I signed into messenger and up she pops to say hello.
We chat for a little while and then she says she has to go
‘cose she’s talking to her Dad.
You could have knocked me down with a feather
 – she said he’s been chatting to her on the odd occasion they are online -
not for long but enough to be there for her.
Another happy feeling:)

Today was one of his boys’ birthdays
(the grandson turned eight)
– they also live interstate but not in the same state if you follow me –
this little lad is very quiet,
 Like his mother (son’s wife) he keeps everything close to his chest.

Normally we just get Yes and No answers
and nothing else
 so what a surprise it was when we rang
to have him chatting away
like we would never speak to each other again
– and the little brother was just as chatty –
so I said goodbye feeling happy again.

Then later today I nipped to our local ‘little’ supermarket for a few bits
and what do I see in the car park!!

A whole line of new trolleys
 – yes brand new –
shiny new, put out first thing this morning
which means nobody has had their dirty hands on them
or filled them with goodness knows what
they have wheels that roll wherever you want them to
with no sticking or turning corners
when you want to go straight ahead.

Now that
really makes me
truly HAPPY!!


  1. That's a wonderful Thankful and happy post! It makes me happy for you!

  2. Love this post. I'm with you its the smallest thing that will make me happy! Thoughtfulness in the smallest way gives me joy. This morning, although husband can't have coffee, he set it up to be ready for me. I was so pleased.


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