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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Watery Wednesday

It is hard to compare this quiet stretch of water
that flows beside the small Victorian town of Warburton

With this broad expanse of water
that flows through the Victorian city of Melbourne

Both are the Yarra River!!
click on the photos for a clearer view

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  1. I prefer it as a small riparian stream but if I were an urban dweller I'm sure I would appreciate its recreational opportunities.

  2. i'd prefer the small river--love its natural beauty and greenery.

  3. I also prefer the quit part of the river. Lovely shots.

  4. I have to agree with the others I love the quite streams scene. Very pretty.

  5. I love the first few photos - these parts of Aussie look so familiar while there is always a difference to here (all the Aussie TV shows - not a complaint).

    Yarra in Melbourne looks amazing too.

    Day time temps cool still because only up to 20C? Wellywood has yet to reach that! I am comfortably warm at 20C. Can no longer do the high temps, I'm hoping Xmas day is less than 26C for cooking this year! Confess a really hot day in Wellington has us sweltering at 29 (please don't hate us).

    And sincerely praying that Summer in Vic and SA is cooler this year, plus that you get rain over Summer.

    Huggles and care, Mickle and my Zebbycat, xxx and non-snoring sleep)!)

  6. It is pretty scene. Happy watery Wednesday.

  7. Had to revisit ... 20C a low Springtime Temp for you, a comfortable Summer temp for me. Maybe up to 23 or 24?

    I am wishing much rain for NSW, VIC and SA, now needed in Queensland too. Desalination plants? All that sea.. unlock all that water (sell the salt -"Seasalt").How to power the Desalination plants - Solar energy!!!!

  8. Hi Cathy, enjoyed the comparison of city and country to your Yarra River. Both are very beautiful areas but as I am always drawn to the peaceful, quieter places, I think I would sit myself by the peaceful and serene Yarra first. Wonderful photos! Back off my holidays and enjoying catching up.

  9. I just love those quiet streams that are so peaceful to walk beside or just sit and admire. Seeing how that same river turns into a wider expanse of water is fascinating...it certainly flows through different settings!! xoxo

  10. Peaceful and quiet, solitude. I like the narrow part of the river.


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