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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Todays Flowers - Nov 09 - 2

sometimes called Bottlebrushes

In many Melbourne suburbs
the councils have used Callistemon viminalis as street trees
In fact my neighbour has some in his nature strip
(shame he doesn't cut his grass
as often as we do lol)
The main flowering season is about this time November
and they are really noticable
with their bright red 'brushes' there for all to see

They are often used as car park trees
and I snapped this as I walked back to the car
the other day

I reckon they are blooming so healthily
 'cose of all the rain we had recently

The past few years there has been very little winter rain
and they certainly haven't looked as good as this for years
Lovely big red 'brushes' just hanging there

If you look closely the flowers really do look like bottlebrushes

Things happen in car parks
they get broken or walked on or even driven over
but these happy Australian Natives 
just seem to get on with life
(like all us Aussies lol)
and start growing again

click on the photos for a larger clearer view

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  1. My goodness, your Bottlebrushes are impressive! I must check out the link to Todays Flowers. x

  2. Wow, what fabulous blossoms! I have never seen one like thats. Spectacular

    Forget-me-nots are my contributions to flowers today

  3. The do look wonderful. Yep just like all us aussies, we get knocked down but we get up again.

  4. That's the Callistermon Viminalis or more commonly known as the Weeping Bottlebrush, origin from Australia. I've seen some trees in our parks here in Singapore.

  5. A lovely post. The only thing mising is the red carpet under them when the rosellas have had a feast.


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