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Monday, November 2, 2009

Todays Flowers - Nov 09 - 1

sometimes called Veronica

Down the bottom of our garden near to the Philadelphus
there are some Hebe plants
I was trying to grow them as a hedge by placing several plants side by side
but even with the best of pruning
one end always grows larger than the other
and also flowers earlier than the other

Its an easy plant to grow
Has fabulous glossy leaves
comes in a variety of heights and colours

This one partcular one is Hebe Inspiration
Has fairly small blooms and doesn't grow taller than one metre

As you can see the flowers don't always open at the same time
Theres always more coming on
which means
there's colour on the shrub for quite along time
If you look carefully you will see
it's not only people who like the flowers either lol
clicking to enlarge photos
will give a clearer view

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  1. Very pretty! My favorite color! You must be pretty near my son and family!! hope you escaped all the bushfires. Nice to meet you on Today's Flowers!!

  2. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship on earth. Share this wonderful relationship with the most beautiful object on earth the flowers. Flower is the symbol of joy, love, happiness, and passion. Every flower has its own image and importance and its own emotion symbol.

    Hello there, nice to be here..I will be glad to hear from you soon.


  3. What a beautiful name for a beautiful flower!

    You might know the names of some flowers that I have posted, coz I don't know them. Hope to see you!

  4. Very interesting plant with a lovely blue flower!!
    Great pictures and thank you for sharing.
    I followed your link http://www.janinesgarden.com/plants/H/hebe.html and learned more about Hebe, a warm climate plant.
    Not suitable for my garden in Canada.

  5. You have posted wonderful picture of Hebe plants and flowers on the plant looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog.

  6. I have both a hebe and a veronica. The flowers do look the same now you mention it. Not saying the hebe isn't also called a veronica.


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